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“The Big One” off the coast of Vancouver Island could strike as early as 2012 or 2013 if we go according to the Amageddon, Judegement day ritual time code sequences. While we can’t predict when the Cascadia Megathurst Earthquake will occur,” said Kerrace. “What I will say it is inevitable and may coincide with the ritual time code sequence or Phi driven codes which involve a series of highly symbolic and unfathomable sophisticated rituals orchestrated and initiated by the power control force (those that think they run the world) in a very intertwined context using the Mayan Calendar time sequence with the transit of Venus which precedes the Mayan calendar end date.

We will experience “Cascadia Mageddon” said Kerrace a resident of Vancouver, B.C. Canada, however what I’m most interested in is that the Japan earthquake is a perfect analog for what we could expect to see on the coast of Vancouver in the next few years.”

Kerrace is stated as saying “now if you believe that major disasters in this world that involve massive amounts of loss of life are natural disaster then none of what I say will be in line with your current belief systems, but if you believe that major disasters are orchestrated by a unseen force then the multi contextual information I have gathered to collaborate my theory will make sense to you.

Like Japan, the West Coast of B.C. rests on a subduction zone — in this case the Cascadia Subduction Zone — the physical convergence of two tectonic plates that sees one plate, an oceanic plate, submerge under the other, either another oceanic plate or a continental plate.

The result is a highly unstable geographical area that features volcanoes, earthquakes and mountain ranges. The entire Pacific region is lined with these subduction zones, earning it the nickname the Ring of Fire which is very symbolic of the milky way galaxy. As above so below. The power control force (those that think they run the world) believe they control the Zodiac which can clearly be seen in the 2012 Magenta coloured Zion Symbol being used for Olympic games in London. Hey Vancouverites have you looked at your 2012 Magenta license plate decals? There is a connection with the 2010 Vancouver Olympics as it falls right in line with the time code sequence. See where I am going here and believe me there is more.

The Cascadia Subduction Zone sits a few hundred kilometres off the coast of B.C. and stretches from the middle of Vancouver Island to northern California. It marks the convergence of the submerging Juan de Fuca plate and the North American plate. Movement here could produce an earthquake with a magnitude of 9.0 or greater. If we look at the specific longitude given for Vancouver Island and the geometry involved we discover that the Island has perfect sacred geometrical proportion.

From the northern most tip at Cape Scott to the southern most point, exiting out through Esquimalt Harbour, is a ley line which measures exactly 444km in length. The half‐way point is amongst the peaks of Strathcona Park at the 222km mark. Measured at right angles across the full width of the island emerging near Campbell River in the east is a distance of 111km.

Remarkably the exact co-ordinates of PHI, the sign for the centre of creation. Vancouver island and it’s proximity to the Cascadia subjunction fits the bill as a key co-ordinate for a Phi driven ritual time codes sequence orchestrated by the power control force which would involve a series of highly symbolic and unfathomable sophisticated rituals. Have I got your interest yet?

Given their geographical similarities, what has happened in Japan could easily serve as a carbon copy for what would happen in areas along the west coast, in particular Vancouver and Victoria, Seattle, Portland, Oregon all the way down to the Northern Coast of California should there be major movement along the Cascadia subduction.

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