FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Bigfish Strategies offers The Cascadia Mageddon Theory

“The Big One” off the coast of Vancouver Island could strike as early as 2012 or 2013 if we go according to the Amageddon, Judegement day ritual time code sequences. While we can’t predict when the Cascadia Megathurst Earthquake will occur,” said Kerrace. “What I will say it is inevitable and may coincide with the ritual time code sequence or Phi driven codes which involve a series of highly symbolic and unfathomable sophisticated rituals orchestrated and initiated by the power control force (those that think they run the world) in a very intertwined context using the Mayan Calendar time sequence with the transit of Venus which precedes the Mayan calendar end date.

We will experience “Cascadia Mageddon” said Kerrace a resident of Vancouver, B.C. Canada, however what I’m most interested in is that the Japan earthquake is a perfect analog for what we could expect to see on the coast of Vancouver in the next few years.”

Kerrace is stated as saying “now if you believe that major disasters in this world that involve massive amounts of loss of life are natural disaster then none of what I say will be in line with your current belief systems, but if you believe that major disasters are orchestrated by a unseen force then the multi contextual information I have gathered to collaborate my theory will make sense to you.

Like Japan, the West Coast of B.C. rests on a subduction zone — in this case the Cascadia Subduction Zone — the physical convergence of two tectonic plates that sees one plate, an oceanic plate, submerge under the other, either another oceanic plate or a continental plate.

The result is a highly unstable geographical area that features volcanoes, earthquakes and mountain ranges. The entire Pacific region is lined with these subduction zones, earning it the nickname the Ring of Fire which is very symbolic of the milky way galaxy. As above so below. The power control force (those that think they run the world) believe they control the Zodiac which can clearly be seen in the 2012 Magenta coloured Zion Symbol being used for Olympic games in London. Hey Vancouverites have you looked at your 2012 Magenta license plate decals? There is a connection with the 2010 Vancouver Olympics as it falls right in line with the time code sequence. See where I am going here and believe me there is more.

The Cascadia Subduction Zone sits a few hundred kilometres off the coast of B.C. and stretches from the middle of Vancouver Island to northern California. It marks the convergence of the submerging Juan de Fuca plate and the North American plate. Movement here could produce an earthquake with a magnitude of 9.0 or greater. If we look at the specific longitude given for Vancouver Island and the geometry involved we discover that the Island has perfect sacred geometrical proportion.

From the northern most tip at Cape Scott to the southern most point, exiting out through Esquimalt Harbour, is a ley line which measures exactly 444km in length. The half‐way point is amongst the peaks of Strathcona Park at the 222km mark. Measured at right angles across the full width of the island emerging near Campbell River in the east is a distance of 111km.

Remarkably the exact co-ordinates of PHI, the sign for the centre of creation. Vancouver island and it’s proximity to the Cascadia subjunction fits the bill as a key co-ordinate for a Phi driven ritual time codes sequence orchestrated by the power control force which would involve a series of highly symbolic and unfathomable sophisticated rituals. Have I got your interest yet?

Given their geographical similarities, what has happened in Japan could easily serve as a carbon copy for what would happen in areas along the west coast, in particular Vancouver and Victoria, Seattle, Portland, Oregon all the way down to the Northern Coast of California should there be major movement along the Cascadia subduction.

To learn more about the Cascadia Mageddon Theory or to interview Kerrace
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Solar Flares Consciousness & Human Brain

The Bodies electromagnetic nature and its sensitivity to magnetic fields is precipitated by the galactic magnetic field influences on the solar magnetic activity, the solar magnetic activity influences the Earth’s geomagnetic activity, and the resulting Earth’s geomagnetic activity influences the human magnetic field.

It has been shown through scientific studies that the pineal gland, which regulates circadian rhythm and melatonin production (and which has interestingly been referred to as the seat of the metaphysical “third eye”), is sensitive to magnetic fields. Thus there are on-going studies of the solar/geomagnetic effects on the human physical and mental states.

Extensive scientific research by the HearthMath Institute has shown that “the heart is the most powerful generator of electromagnetic energy in the human body, producing the largest rhythmic electromagnetic field of any of the body’s organs,” which can synchronize the body’s brain waves to its waves, and also register its electromagnetic signals (emotions) in the brain waves of other people around us.

The magnetic nature of DNA is a fundamental vehicle through which humans interact with the greater web of planetary, solar, and galactic magnetic fields providing a sensitive connection between what’s going on in outer space and the humans on Earth, in accordance with the saying “As above, so below.”

Solar storms and solar flares are hypothesized to have a direct effect on the mental and emotional health of humans. complaining of headaches, sinus problems, physical and emotional hypersensitivity, sleeplessness, heart arrhythmias, bloating, nose bleeds, itchy eyes, breathing difficulties, dizziness, disorientation, allergic reactions and so on.

It is important that each of us prepares our biological vehicle for the new energies that are bathing our planet. I offer an emotional body energy clearing technique with fantastic results. I conduct these healing's in person and at a distance click on the link to learn more http://www.bigfishstrategies.com/distant-healing/

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Bigfish Strategies offers Ground Breaking Guided Healing Meditation CD- Unlock your True Power Through Heart Resonance

Kerrace Alexander is proud to announce the release of her first CD in the RippleFX “The Journey into the Heart” CD series recordings, which have evolved from Kerrace’s healing work.

This CD is utterly unique and experiential in that it truly is a living expression of consciousness through spoken word, heart entrainment frequencies and soundscapes to support an individual’s shift and expansion of consciousness through heart resonance. These recordings are a healing modality in their own right, available for people to use in the sanctuary of their own home.

The core purpose and gift of the RippleFX Journey into the Heart CD series is to re - awaken you to self knowledge and dominion over self. The Journey into the heart CD is designed to purposefully seat you in the remembrance of your divinity as unconditional love, so that you experience your core essence your higher self as love, allowing you to embody the experience as a spiritual unfoldment through the remembrance of unconditional love as your divinity.

The Journey into the Heart meditations are a very special combination of guided meditation and music. The whole meditation CD is designed to activate the heart energy within you and bring healing at a cellular level. Exquisite sound effects of the Carillion crystal bowl, bells, chimes played form the backdrop for this transformative, meditative journey into the heart. Kerrace Alexander acts as a guide and facilitator, taking you on a one- on one magical journey into the heart while you rest there, you experience the beautiful, healing while the sounds words and energy anchor you into the core of your true self.

The music by Surya Devi, an exceptional musician forms the backing track in this RippleFX Journey into the Heart CD. As an intuitive sound musician, Surya firmly sets her intention to co-create sounds and music that are beneficial for all energetic beings. Residing in Vancouver, Surya is inspired daily by the super-natural surroundings of Canada’s Pacific Rim.

Surya has provided an exquisite contribution to the "Journey into the Heart" CD through nature sounds and harmonic sound effects throughout the CD. The journey intro Heart CD features crystal bowls, birdsong and water, features delicate, quartz crystal wind chimes and water effects brought together, from Spirit, as you listen to the spoken word and soundscapes, it opens the heart removes blockages allowing you to experience the full expression of your higher self, this CD has proven to be quite a profound Inner therapy.

Each CD is a journey of about 30 minutes long – a ‘healing’ that has been divinely inspired through Kerrace’s higher self as love in the recording studio in ‘one take’. Ideally, one dedicates time to receive the full healing from the Journey into the heart long version – for as long as you feel necessary to become heart centered recognizing the energy of your heart as your core energy signature that which is your higher self experiencing life on the physical plane, through the personality that is you, your 5 sense reality and your physical biological vehicle.

This meditation really guides you through a process to experience the full expression of who you are through the feeling sensations in your body and it is through the exploration of your feelings you identify your true self as an expression of emotions allowing your to become balanced in the creation of your life and daily activities. An excellent alternative to listening to the Journey into the Heart long version is to listen to the Journey into the heart short version once you have mastered the long version or before you begin your daily activities, the journey into the heart CD is a wonderful way to get you centered in the heart whenever, your needing assistance.

When you journey into the heart as the conscious mind expands and is realized, healing takes place at a very deep level.

I invite you to take a moment and listen to the "Journey into the Heart Introduction on the above video or purchase the full Journey into the Heart at the bottom below and the Journey into the Heart CD MP3 files will be sent to you upon receipt of payment by email.! If you would like a physical CD copy add an extra $4.00 for shipping and contact Kerrace@bigfishstrategies.com to order a copy directly. The journey into the heart awaits you!

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Journey into the Heart Meditation CD by Kerrace Alexander

This "Journey into the Heart" CD is utterly unique and experiential in that it truly is a living expression of consciousness through spoken word, heart entrainment frequencies and soundscapes to support an individual’s shift and expansion into consciousness through heart resonance. These recordings are a healing modality in their own right, available for people to use in the sanctuary of their own home.

Here is a sample introduction of the newly released "Journey into the Heart" CD. Enjoy! You can purchase the CD at the link here, and I will send you the CD MP3 files https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=G3TF7ZV5FUZVS


Teleconference - Journey into the Heart – to Experience the Power of Justice April 9, 2011

We will spend 60 minutes recalibrating and journeying into the heart through breath work our topic for our time together will be "Justice" and how it stops us from experiencing the now moment, as we journey into the heart you will experience the feeling of loves presence through heart resonance while experiencing freedom.

Come and share in the experience the remembrance of Loves presence within your heart. In our time together we will unite recalibrate our individual and collective heart!
This gathering will provide a great opportunity for you to relax into the heart and fully experience your true essence that which you are as unconditional love!
If you are feeling stress, emotional, needing to decompress, or simply want to reconnect to your higher self!

Come out and play! and experience being that which you are "Love!"

Date: Saturday, April 9, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PDT
I will have the conference call room open at 10:50 AM PDT.

Because I work in energy and we will be building on the energy of the group for the full hour please be on time so you can have the full experience!

Suggested Donation: $15.00 click on the link to register http://bigfishjustice.eventbrite.com

I look forward to meeting you and sharing in this experience! MP3 will be available for all participants who request a copy!

In light and love



How will Emotional Clearing Support You to Stay Balanced in your Work and Life?

This is a time of personal metamorphosis. As this cycle intensifies, there will be an outpouring of emotions on this planet. An emotion is an ‘energy in motion.’ And we’ve been trained to resist them.

But, if we are resistant to the energies that are available to support us in our evolutionary unfoldment, we will crumble in personal crisis. So, we must learn to unconditionally accept, without judgment, that everything we experience in our lives is simply energy. And clearing emotional energies requires an understanding of how energy needs to move. This is the new paradigm where our mind will be transformed and our perspectives will be shifted to the heart.

Clearing emotional energies will be one of the biggest shifts people will experience during humanity’s current evolution. We must come to understand that the events that cause our emotional issues are deliberately orchestrated by our Spirit. This is part of the directive of prime creator as part of the divine plan to evolve humanity to the level of our evolution through the emotional clearing process it provide each of us with the opportunity to harness our inner power and learn to respond without reacting. If you do the emotional clearing work you will be able to create a reality outside the confines of the physical world drama that is currently be played out on the world stage!

Please note that this drama that is playing out in our physical world, is done both for our own growth and for the growth of humanity. Although challenging for many it is a rites of passage we must go through in order to evolve and grow as a species.

If you would like to learn more about this phenomenon currently sweeping the planet and you would like support navigate the world you are creating. Please contact me Kerrace@bigfishstrategies.com and learn how I can help you manage your emotions instead of your emotions managing you through emotional clearing!

Lets Evolve Shall We?


How is the RippleFX Energy is Prosperity Coaching Program Different From Other Coaching Programs?

Do any of the following statements feel familiar to you?

* There are things that I feel are true in my heart that directly contradict the world view I've held since I was a child.

* I sense that there is more to reality than what I can see/feel/touch/smell and taste but I have a difficult time trusting this sense without some real proof.

* I am drawn to works by many spiritual authors and when I read them I feel as if my perspective has expanded. Yet when I put the books down I find it challenging to hold onto the new beliefs in my daily life.

* I have read that our thoughts have the power to create our reality and I find this all very appealing - but I have not been able to demonstrate this in my everyday life.

* Sometimes I feel as if I am walking between two worlds - the world that everyone else agrees is real and the stuff that resonates with me on an inner level and I end up feeling off balance and uncomfortable in both worlds.

*What I want more than anything is to be able to pull together the seemingly contradictory information that I hold so that I can feel integrated and empowered to set the tone for my future.
If one or more of the statements above feels familiar to you, you are currently moving through a personal paradigm shift.

The concept of paradigm shift was first introduced by Thomas Kuhn, a Harvard-affiliated scientist and philosopher. In Structure of Scientific Revolutions (1962), Kuhn refutes the notion that scientific advancement is evolutionary by arguing that a new world view is actually brought forth by a "series of peaceful interludes punctuated by intellectually violent revolutions," and in those revolutions "one conceptual world view is replaced by another."

For those of us on a spiritual path, the deconstruction of our rational/logical three-dimensional world view, to be replaced by a more expanded perspective, while necessary, is typically very disquieting. The move through a paradigm shift is characteristically accompanied by mental confusion and emotional angst (fits and starts; one step forward and two steps back, etc.) as we find ourselves holding radically different views simultaneously without knowing which one to trust.

This unbalanced experience can reveal itself as:

* Feeling heart-drawn to certain opportunities (for example: leaving a solid career to pursue your life purpose) that you find intellectually untenable and anxiety producing.
* Being able to intellectually articulate what your favourite spiritual writers decree, but not feeling safe to align your lifestyle that way.

* Making a commitment to meditate every day, but finding yourself glancing at your watch and feeling compelled to cut it short so that you can get some real work done.

In order to be able to tap into the power of the RipplefX Energy is Prosperity Coaching Program we need to be able to hold or at least return consistently to an expanded perspective of the way that the world operates. Concepts such as holographic universe, vibrations and thoughts with creative potential make no sense from a strictly third-dimensional perspective. And yet we are still beings in physical form who need to interact on the material plane. Which perspective material or spiritual truly serves us best?

The answer is, neither and both! The key to relieving the scattered energy that causes such discomfort is the realization that we always have a choice about which aspect of ourselves we are identified with at any particular time. We are, simultaneously, human beings having spiritual experiences and spiritual beings having a human experience. Freedom is ours the moment that we accept that it is possible to hold seemingly paradoxical views with grace.

At some moments (for example, in the face of imminent physical danger) it is more appropriate to view ourselves as personalities first, while at other points, it behooves us to find the goal or focus that both our personality (limited self, defended heart, ego) and our Soul (Higher Self, undefended heart, Spirit) feel passionate about.

The key to moving through the paradigm shift with ease is becoming grounded in the knowledge that, once you take that first step on the path of spiritual development, you will always be walking between two worlds. As long as you are in a physical body: you will be physically vulnerable, time will be a reality, and action will be essential. However, your understanding of the expanded perspective is also essential, for even as a physical being you have the power to tap into the energy field and enhance your doing-ness by taking inspired action and bringing your energy into alignment with your goals.

Finally, a major contributor to your ease of evolution along this path will be the level of community support that you receive.

Caroline Myss explains that we evolve at a rate consistent with the group that we are "plugged into". For those seeking to accelerate their evolution, a conscious decision to partner with others who are walking this same path can mean the difference between struggle and joy.
If any of this information resonates with you and you would like to sign up for the Energy is Prosperity Coaching Program please contact Kerrace Alexander at: Bigfishstrategies@gmail.com and we will get you started today! Next session starts February 17, 2011.

Remember Peace, Love, Joy and Happiness is only A breath away!