Are You Feeling Stuck in Your Work and Life! and Do You Need Help?

If you answered yes to any one of the question below then we can help you! Contact Bigfish Strategies Inc.: bigfishstrategies@gmail.com, Kerrace Alexander, is a Facilitator providing life and business coaching for individuals who want more freedom, prosperity and abundance in their work and life!

• Do you feel uncertain about the future?
• Are you looking for answers?
• Do you find it difficult staying focused?
• Do you have challenges in your work and life?
• Do you find yourself attracting certain patterns over and over again?
• Do you lack clarity or direction in your work and life?

Here are some of the services we provide at Bigfish Strategies:

1. RippleFX Resilience Primer

The RippleFX Resilience Primer is an introductory session for one hour.

It is a one on one session with Kerrace about you.

It is also a personal evaluation/alignment session to see what your needs and wants are and also to tune in to see what is needed on your journey toward living and loving without fear.

The session will provide us with a direction to start as well as what is needed on a soul level should you determine this is a good time for you to begin or continue your journey with me.

2. RippleFX Resilience Healing Technique

A Healing System That Works!

Receiving a healing from an experienced RippleFX Resilience Technique practitioner is the quickest way to heal yourself and change your life. The possibilities of what you can achieve through a healing are limitless.

3. RippleFX Soul Blueprint Reading

When you drew your first breath, an extraordinary map was created.

An astrology reading provides a map or blueprint that leads to a treasure more precious than a pot of gold.

This map describes your highest human potential. It shows the challenges you came to master during this lifetime. It even reveals the divine plan you’re here to fulfill.

This map also looks into the future. It shows when you’ll be experiencing times of opportunity or challenge, and in what areas of life. It can also help you understand the deeper meaning behind your life’s events.

This map is your birth chart. Unlocking the profound insights in my chart has enriched my life beyond measure. As a professional astrologer, it is my privilege and pleasure to help you unlock the secrets buried in yours.

Please remember that the more we live in harmony with this blueprint, the more magnificent and fulfilling life becomes.

This is a 90 minute reading and you will be provided with an MP3 download

4. RippleFX Energy is Prosperity Coaching Program

RippleFX Seven Stages of Manifestation System
Laser Prosperity Coaching
Explosive Growth Prosperity Training
Get Your Questions Answered” Group Call
Digital Recordings of ALL-THREE Calls
Exclusive “Members Only” site 24/7 Access to Areas of Energy is Prosperity

*One time non-refundable set up fee

You get the RippleFX Seven Stages of Manifestation Document, a 90 minute session with Kerrace in order to take you through the comprehensive seven stages of manifestation document, plus your first month of the Energy is Prosperity Coaching Program along with a laser coaching session to bring you up to speed with the rest of the group all is included with your initial set up fee!

5. RippleFX Energy Coaching for Individual and Business Coaching

During an individual or Business Energy Coaching session you have one hour with me where I work with you on the comprehension, application and integration of the RippleFX Seven Stages of Manifestation System in order to assist you to achieve your goals for work and life.

I also provide laser prosperity coaching during these sessions to identify areas and work through areas where you may be blocking your ability to manifest in your work and life.

In addition I provide one on one explosive Growth Prosperity Training making sure you stay focused on your goals in order to achieve success. We then finish up each session with me providing insights, wisdom and answers to questions you may have for me.

Please remember I always leave you with additional tools and resources to move you forward in your work and life for the days and weeks ahead.

To learn more or to book a private consultation with Kerrace contact Bigfish Strategies Inc. At 604-646-0508 or by email: bigfishStrategies@gmail.com. When emailing please include the days and times that are best for me to contact you to discuss how I may be able to assist you.

Here Are Five Steps To Manifesting All That You Desire?

It's good to know that you already have exactly what it takes to manifest whatever heart desires in your life. There truly is nothing that you cannot do, create, be or have. By visualizing, feeling and knowing your life's greatest dreams are about to manifest for you in your own living room, you'll start taking action and see miraculous things manifesting in your work and life!

"Forget mistakes. Forget failure. Forget everything except what
you're going to do now and do it. Today is your lucky day!" ~Will Durant

Yes! Today is your day to get off the sidelines and jump onto the playing field of your dreams! You are about to learn how to create an amazing life that you love and make all your goals a living reality!! Are you excited? Well, its time to get there! Simply follow these 5 actions below and you'll begin attracting unstoppable success into your life today! Enjoy!

1. Choose ONE thing to manifest and be super specific about what it is.

If you have too many desires eating at you, they will leak your energy and disable you from creating any one of them. It's best to focus on one specific thing at a time that is the most important thing you want and need. If you want a new job, what kind of job is it? Get specific with yourself about how many hours a week, what you'll be doing, with what type of people, and how much will you be paid? If you also want a new relationship, body, money, peace of mind, and more fun in bed too, you'll have a much easier time creating all of these dreams when you take care of your priority first. So just start with that one most important outcome that you most want/need to create, and commit to sticking to it like super glue over the next 90 days.

2. Speak your intention out loud in future, present and past tense.

An example of this would be, "I am so excited that I'm going to make $5,000 next month selling xyz! I just made $5000 this month selling xyz and am loving my job! I made $5000 last month selling xyz and I feel amazing inside!" Speaking these 3 messages out loud (in this future to past order) helps your body FEEL the end result and get super excited about manifesting it today!

3. Write your desired end result on a piece of paper and read it every day.

Did you know that 90% of people don't write down their desires, and that 90% of people have difficulty manifesting what they want? Coincidence? I don't think so. It's best to describe your desired outcome in GREAT detail in the present tense and don't leave anything out. For instance, "I have a new career in internet marketing where I make at least $5,000 a month working with authentic, happy, fun-loving people!"

4. Take massive action out in the world as if your intention is already happening!

The Universe needs to know you are sincere about your intention so it can support you in the best way possible. After you FEEL and VISUALIZE your outcome manifesting, its best to use that excited energy out in the real world! By making phone calls, sending emails, getting out of your house and connecting face to face with people you'll see its the best way to get the manifesting sparks flying! Massive inspired action creates a heighten sense of joy inside as well as a new found awareness that you are living your life on purpose. Best of all, you end up "accidentally" bumping into the right people as a by product of being out of the house!

5. Trust in the Universe and allow its Divine Intelligence to guide you!

Imagine that you could wait happily for eternity for your desired outcome to manifest. How would this feel? When you have infinite patience you've tapped into one of the greatest powers in the Universe. When you truly feel that you could wait for an infinite amount of time, having no anxiety about when, where or how your desire will manifest, the Universe will come beckoning at your feet. This trust doesn't mean you're twiddling your thumbs on a street corner all day, not to taking inspired action when you feel it. When you trust the Universe will handle the details and you are taking massive inspired actions, one day your end result will find you when you least expect it!

Add a super booster rocket to this manifesting exercise above by becoming a member of the Energy is Prosperity Coaching Program and dramatically increase your Manifesting Vibration where you learn how to create ANYTHING your heart desires! Start cultivating this natural manifesting power in every area of your life by simply contacting bigfishstrategies@gmail.com

Moving Beyond The Third Dimension and Imagining the Tenth Dimension

Rob Bryanton will be my guest on Bigfish Radio, May 27th at 5:30PM -6:30PM PDT. Rob just posted a wonderful article on his blog titled "Changing Reality" http://imaginingthetenthdimension.blogspot.com/2010/05/changing-reality.html, it's a great read not to mention he has a wonderful book Imagining the Tenth Dimension, a fascinating look at the nature of reality. Join us at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/bigfishradio and feel free to join in the discussion or visit the archives and listen to the show at your leisure!


Do you have Stress, Anxiety,or feel a Sense of Powerlessness in Your Life?

Then you need to learn how to use your "Internal Guidance System" to help you navigate you through your life and work.

It is a much better alternative then supressing your feelings, living with a lot of pain and suffering or continuously feed your addictions to get some relief.

Are you not sure what to think, what decisions are most effective or how to move towards your life’s purpose? These are the sensations of your Internal Guidance System "closing".

Have you had moments of amazing clarity when everything seemed to go perfectly and do you want more of that? These are sensations of your Internal Guidance System “opening".

Learning how to locate, recognize its signals and utilize your own Internal Guidance System can be a profound and empowering aid in navigating through the decisions and challenges in your life.

Your Internal Guidance System is directly linked with The Stages of Manifestation so once you learn how to navigate with your Internal Guidance System you can incorporate the seven stages of manifestation in order to create the life and work you desire!

If any of this information resonates with you please contact Kerrace at: bigfishstrategies@gmail.com to get information, schedule a consultation or sign up for the next workshop.


How is The Mind Like a Computer Operating System?

A simple way to understand the mind and how it operates is to think of a computer which has an underlying operating system that runs software programs for different tasks and functions.

Our brain is similar to the hardware a computer, hardware meaning the actual guts of the computer, what one can touch and feel: ie. hard drive, RAM, ROM etc. Our mind is the software loaded onto the hardware. Software is the programs loaded into the computer, Word, excel, email program, the browser for the internet.

Your mind software is literally all the information that has been and is still being collected over one’s life time that makes up who each of us is as a personality. From the day we are born we begin programming the software of our mind.

How we think, what we believe, how we are to feel, who we should be, who we should not be is all programmed into our minds. As time goes on we learn to speak, act and become this software. The software program is also another way of looking at our Ego or our personality.

The entire purpose for the creation of the software, that is our ego, is to guide and protect us. Its intention is to guide us toward love, joy and happiness and to move us away from suffering, pain and unhappiness. It is programmed primarily to act as our main guidance system.

If any of this information resonates with you please feel free to contact me bigfishstrategies@gmail.com and ask any questions about the RippleFX Teachings/RippleFX Healing Systems or to set up a time for a RippleFX Reslience Primer consultation.


Bigfish Strategies Inc. Unleashes How to End Your Story and Live Your Life

It is unfortunate but in all honesty it is our attachment to our personal story that causes most of the pain and suffering in our life.

If we hold onto a philosophy, a belief system, or an agenda of any kind, we create a barrier to the unfolding of something deeper, something more authentic, fresh, and alive. When our beliefs reinforce the idea of being a separate "self," a lonely wave in the ocean of life, it is that separation that breeds feelings of isolation, insecurity, and fear. But when we let go of all philosophies, all stories, and just be, happiness is available.

Forget the philosophies, the stories, the beliefs, the theories and just abide in the openness and freedom of our true nature. It is then that we really will be happy. We'll live out of wholeness, with wisdom and compassion, and we'll do what needs to be done—without fuss, without bother.

Until you actually awaken to deeper levels of freedom, it’s inevitable that you will try to hold onto a story—some thought, belief, concept, story, or philosophy—which gives you the flavour and feeling of the freedom you seek.

This is okay up to a point, but eventually it will become clear to you that even the words and philosophies, no matter how accurate or succinct they may be, have to be released.

Let’s try and exercise right here right now see if you can touch that place right now…Begin by closing your eyes and just be present with whatever you are experiencing.

Notice any thoughts or stories passing through your mind, and any sensations of feelings in your body, and see them for what they are… Just passing phenomena, coming and going… Now visualize yourself as empty space on the inside of your body, an emptiness which is at the same time, infinitely full… Notice how “you,” as the one who is aware of all this, are still very much here... In this moment, you need no story or philosophy to define you… Then open your eyes and just be present as the beautiful, conscious person you are…

Here is another tool to help you end the story and live your life.
If you use this four step process to end your personal story what arises is an opportunity to enter the depth of inner freedom also known as awakening, enlightenment, or self-realization and allowing you to feel peace, love, and creative joy within.

Step 1: Be Present With Your Experience

Normally we deny, resist, or try to push away unwanted experiences, but if you are in conflict, upset, or suffering, you must learn to be present with it, to feel it out, even welcome it. After all, it is showing you where you are not yet free. Ask yourself: “What am I experiencing right now?”

Step 2: Notice the Story

Be aware of the reactive emotion, whether it is stress, self-doubt, guilt, anger, jealousy, loneliness, anxiety, depression, or fear, and then notice the story, belief, or thought behind it. There always is one. The mind generates your emotions. It may be a story from the past triggering the reaction, or a fear of something in the future.

Step 3: See the Truth

Now take a deep, slow breath, and relax. Continue to be with the feeling, but don’t create a new story around it. Notice how the story or thought is always changing. It comes and it goes, but “you,” as an aware being, are ever-present.
In time, as you become freer, you will inevitably inquire into this “me,” this “I” that you take yourself to be.

Step 4: See that it is Just a Story

This is the fourth step needed to fully awaken. When you see that it is just a story too, the story-teller, your emotional energy harmonizes and living becomes rich in meaning, love, and purpose. Then the stories in your life become a whole lot more fun, and you use the power of them, and of your goals and dreams, to create what you are passionate about.

Kerrace Alexander is a spiritual facilitator, inspirational speaker, life and business coach, Author and writer. She can be contacted at bigfishstrategies@gmail.com or 604-646-0508. Or visit my blog at http://bigfishstrategies.blogspot.com/


Our Culture of Addiction A Strategy for Dealing with Pain and Suffering


The Secret "how-to's" of Manifestation?

You have your own Internal Manifestation System within your physical body, and it has all the information you need to guide your thoughts regarding life decisions, large and small, how to create your way out of struggle and stress, and how to move toward a more fulfilling life both spiritually and materially for yourself, those in your life and the world.

The sensations we feel in our body, (opening/expansion and closing/contraction act as signals of your manifestation system at work) are never in response to what is happening in the world around you, only on what you are thinking about the people and the world, this includes the thoughts you have about yourself.

The purpose of your internal manifestation system is to provide you with immediate feedback on whether your thoughts and choices are bringing you toward greater joy, love and compassion or bringing you suffering, illusion, pain and rejection. Why this makes a difference is because where you place your mental focus on creates what you get in life.

If you look at all the self help books, sports training books, leadership, business books, it is all about being clear in your goals and focusing your attention toward the achievement of those goals and focusing your mind does work in the short term.

However, many of us have so many thoughts running though our minds that we often have a challenging time deciding what to focus on, how to maintain our focus on empowering thoughts and instead we get trapped in the disempowering thoughts.

Your Internal manifestation System is a largely untapped resource in helping you to experience your highest purpose and at the same time naturally attempting to lead you toward achieving your most empowered self and the perspective that will bring you the life you desire. We have never been taught to understand this manifestation system and until now there has not been a teachable understanding of this system.

When your Internal Manifestation System contracts it triggers a response in the mind and body which is what most consider to be stress, frustration, anxiety, and anger however these sensations are connected to our thoughts and thus it is in shifting your thoughts that relief is created. Yes, all of these feelings and sensations are actually the closing of your Internal Manifestation System. What is really going on is that the closed and collapsed feeling in your chest and the knotted ball in your stomach is your Internal Manifestation System letting you know you need to shift your perspective immediately.

When your thoughts and highest purpose are in alignment, you feel an expanding or opening sensation, a lightening and an uprising sensation in the body. An easing in combination with any thoughts no matter how small the expansion or opening of the Internal Manifesation System means you are on the right track, you are empowered in the moment to move forward with confidence. That is literally your Internal Manifestation System confirming that your thoughts are aligned with your highest good.

What is important for you to know now is that this feedback loop can forever alleviate the suffering, anxiety, fear, pain and insecurity that you may feel at any moment in life, however learning to incorporate positive thoughts is just one step in the process.

Many people think that having good or positive thoughts automatically will feel good and thus bring this open feeling however this is not the case. We can have “good” thoughts that close us and we can have “bad” thoughts that are opening. The Internal Manifestation System is not dependant on the quality of the thought only whether or not the thoughts are True, in alignment with what will bring us towards our highest good and desires or away.

The Internal Manifestation System gives you insight into what the priorities are and can help provide an understanding of the repeating patterns of thinking and behaving that stand in the way of a greater experience of peace and relaxation. The Internal Manifestation System’s purpose is to reveal the thinking and behaviour that is actually keeping you from what you dream of having.

Please note the Internal Manifestation System takes time and practice to incorporate this tool into your daily practice as simple as it sounds it is honestly more complex than just following the opening and closing of your internal manifestation system. The reason for this is because we are engaging with our minds and our emotions from a completely new frame of reference and it is crucial that you learn the distinctions for this new frame of “mind” to be consistent and successful with your Internal Manifestation System.

If any of this information resonates with you please feel free to contact me bigfishstrategies@gmail.com about the RippleFX Teachings/RippleFX Healing Systems or to set up a time for a RippleFX Reslience Primer consultation.