New Cosmic Story Reveals Our Origins

New Cosmic Story is a transformational model which describes the nature and structure of energy in the universe.

New Cosmic Story reveals how universal energy dynamics are only partially being played out in every corner of every society around the world, resulting in imbalance. We see these as power dynamics expressed in government, business, military, academia, our families and in all facets of life.

New Cosmic Story exposes the root of all the world’s dysfunction as an imbalance in the dynamics of Energy.

New Cosmic Story promises to enrich the conception of our cosmic origins, providing answers to some of the major questions that have perplexed humanity for millennia:

• Who are we?
• Where did we come from?
• What is our purpose for being here?
• What’s happening on the Earth right now?

Kerrace Alexander
Bigfish Strategies Inc.
Spiritual Activist/Author/ Facilitator New Cosmic Story

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Story of Creation is Wired in Your Body!

The story of creation is wired within your physical body! You may be asking yourself how I know? I know because I have been able to unlocked this ancient wisdom within myself.

I have always been asking the deeper questions but I never thought I could actually come up with the answers, I will have you know it has been a thirteen year journey.

You might be saying to yourself that is not a long time to come up with answers to some of the most profound questions you know those sort of questions that have eluded humanity for millennia:

• Where Did we Come From?
• Who are we?
• What are we doing here?
• What is our purpose for being here on Earth
• Whats happening on this earth right now

I have developed "New Cosmic Story" which is a model about the nature and structure of power in the universe and how this dynamic of power is only partially being played out in every corner of our society and in every society around the world which is causing so much imbalance in the world today. We see these power dynamics expressed in government, in business, in military, in academia, in our families in all facets of life. New Cosmic Story exposes the root of all the worlds dysfunction – as an imbalance in the dynamics of power.

New Cosmic Story promises to enrich our conception of our cosmic family origins, and provides answers some of the major questions that continue to go unanswered but have perplexed humanity for millennia.

• Who are we?
• Where do we come From?
• What are we doing here?
• What does our future hold?

I even take things a step further because I beleive it is critical for people to understand and know their relationship to their creator so they can live a purpose filled life.

I have developed The RippleFX Blueprint System which is astrology’s natural successor. It draws from ancient wisdom traditions — astrology, the chakra system, and energy healing to illuminate through the "Cosmic Creation Model" your creative potential allowing you to unlock the creation story or wisdom within them.

The system takes the torch from the hand of astrology and carries it to the next level, becoming both an accurate guide for life and a self-assessment device to unlock the inner wisdom within each of us and answers the questions who we are? where do we came from? what are we to do now? and where are we going?.

“The RippleFX Blueprint System" is ripe for these changing times, encouraging us to unlock the wisdom within each of us, the story of our creation is dormant within us waiting to be awakened,” says Kerrace Alexander author of New Cosmic Story and becuase I have gone through the process of discovery individuals can find out in a series of sessions the truth of who they are, who they are becoming and where they are going. It all boils down to whether you really want to know the truth or not?

Not everyone is ready for the truth though "says kerrace" and so they continue to suffer in quiet desperation and that is unfortunate because we are meant to live a full life that is one of the main reason for living on earth. I believe it is about living, loving creating and learning and exploring while experiencing and enjoying our life!

If any of this information resonates with you and you would like to set up a consultation to unlock the wisdom with you via telephone or skype! or if you would like more information on how I can support you please contact kerrace: or call me at 604-646-0508.

What to Know about Energy Healing?

Physics has educated us about energy and tells us that all things are moving.

Like all the planets in our solar system, every atom in our body is continuously in motion but they are invisible to the human eye. Like a river water, blood in our veins and life energy runs throughout our body.

Energy wants to run throughout our body freely, but often it becomes blocked. When our body holds tension it interrupts energy flow. That’s why individuals who are calm rarely get sick.

However for those with energy blocks may require energy clearing for proper functioning of their body.

When energy in your body is running uninhibited then all functions of body perform normally. For example: when a gas filter on a bus gets blocked the bus doesn’t work well right?.

Likewise when your bodies energy flow gets clogged, the body can’t perform normally. Therefore for natural function of body, energy has to flow freely.

When life becomes so hectic, and people feel they have little time for rest, then their body gets cranky. One of the great benefits of energy healing is people get energized from energy healing as an energy healing can remove interruptions of energy in order to stabilize normal flow of body energy.

Clogged energy can cause illness, tension and pain. People tend to hold tension in the muscles of their body and if the tension becomes cronic people will often mistaken the tension for being calm, as it continuously increases over time.

For severe tension energy healing helps to release tension at a deeper level. Energy healing can work on physical knots, allowing the energy to simultaneously discharge the source of the issue, caused by emotions and patterns of thought which generally cause the tension in the first place.

As a practitioner of the RippleFX Reslience technique which is a energy healing technique. I use a special combination of effective techniques for helping in freeing the discharged of clogged energy in a clients body. This helps the free flow of body energy, leaving individuals with reduced tension and in a stress free state of mind. Many people have a energy healing session with me often comment that they feel very relaxed after an energy healing treatment.

I can't stress this point enough and that is free flowing energy throughout your body is very essential for normal and natural working of body. I offer virtual energy healing sessions via telephone or skype contact kerrace: to learn more or to set up a mutually beneficial time for an energy healing session.


Are You Ready to Unlock the Story of You? It's Encoded in Your DNA!

In the future or the future as now in this period we find ourselve or are moving into is a time that we will mark in our history as a time where we recognized that we no longer need stories that are fed to us through media to orient ourselves in this physical world system.

Although we have required, stories in the past our future reveals that the stories will reside within each and everyone of us accessible in the moment encoded in our DNA available as we need them.

Butterfly's do not have a story that they talk about it is actually built into their DNA. Wolves, whales all of them know what they are doing because it is part of their genetic inheritance.

Humans require stories that are expressed in our culture so that we can find our way forward, but if they are stories which are given to us and not made by us from within our being then they are false stories that only serve the purpose of indentification or a sense of belonging to the cultural system that gave us the story in the first place.

Therefore they are not our stories the only stories that are true are stories that enable us to know what is important to do, what's important to avoid, who are we, what are we about, they situate us in the world that gives us fundamental meaning, orientation and direction.

Now if there are any doubts about the stories we tell ourselves or others then maybe it's time to trace where these stories come from and could there possibly be a story that is more true to you that resides within your inner being that is richer then the stories you currently carry about yourself, others and your world?

Like butterflies we have a story that is built into our DNA it is just that we have not learned how to access this story! I offer a number of solutions that support individuals to determine the true story of who they are that is locked in their DNA ready and waiting to be awakended allowing you to live a life of freedom, joy and in full expression of your authentic self. You deserve to live a purposeful life! Contact Kerrace at: to learn more about unlocking the story with you and living your full potential!


Are You Feeling Spiritually Constipated? Here is a Solution that Works!

If you are wanting to experience energy work to help you clear up and get past some "stuff" so that you can feel genuinely happy MORE of the time. You should experience a RippleFX Resilience Technique session. If you feel you know yourself pretty well and don’t want to spend thousands on counselling sessions that are like gentle hand-pats you can get from your friends. Then a RippleFX Resilience Technique session is for you! the energy work you experience during a distance session on the phone or face to face will help you, and in a relatively short time you can transform you life.

RippleFX Resilience Technique Private Sessions

During this one hour session either via telephone or skype, Kerrace will take you to the core of your emotional issues, and help you identify and release whatever negative patterns and blocked energy from the past you might still be holding onto, and help you to break through to a new level in your process of personal and spiritual development.

This is a rare opportunity to experience a new frequency of energy in your life, and an investment in your dynamic health and well-being. Kerrace’s work is transformational and one session is enough to experience lasting and life-changing results.

This is not an ongoing therapy. In just one session, Kerrace helps you identify and release what you're holding onto from the past that's keeping you blocked, from the body, subconscious mind and quantum grid. Her special gift is to help you get connected with the highest levels of your own personal empowerment. No matter where you are on your spiritual path, Kerrace can help you break through to the next level of your ability to fully experience your life in the highest dimensions.

During and after your session, you will experience and be able to hold higher frequencies of energy, experience unconditional self-acceptance without judgement, and what your life would feel like if there were no limitations! This is a powerful and valuable experience! The unconditional vision of your highest potential for this lifetime that you project into the Quantum Grid by the end of the session will effectively continue to move your life forward! Kerrace's ability to help you to tune into your higher mind centers, your intuition, release fear, anxiety, and negative baggage from the past, and tune into a deep sense of well-being, personal empowerment and creativity, is valuable and important work at this time in human history.

This work opens up the internal energy field, allowing it to flow freely again, usually for the first time in many years. It balances the chakras, and opens the dura around the brain. It quiets the mind as it balances the mental field, and clears blocks and balances the energy around the body, it stimulates the quantum field, allowing you to move out of the realm of this dimension, into a world of infinite possibility and instantaneous manifestation.

This is deep and powerful bodywork, combined with working with the subconscious mind, and the quantum energy field, stimulate your divine and natural ability to be the Creator!

Please contact Kerrace: to set up a time for a session! or click on the link to your right at the top make payment and we will contact you once payment has been made to set up your session via telephone or skype!


An Astrology Reading That Will Literally Change The Course of Your Life!

I use your natal astrology chart to provide guidance and direction on your life’s path. I believe the fastest way to discover your life purpose is through an astrology reading.

In fact I believe it is the most accurate assessment of what your true purpose is in life and what makes it really juicy is I sprinkle the reading with knowledge and wisdom that is pretty cutting edge so you can get the bigger picture as to what is happening on this planet and where you and our planet is in relation to this evolutionary shift.

Through your natal astrology chart we can get a lot of the questions answered form example What is your purpose in life? in addition to the other questions that have perplexed humanity for millennia.

You know those questions that have perplexed most people throughout their life. Who are we? What are we doing here? Where did we come from? Where are we going? These and many more questions are answered during an RippleFX Soul Blueprint Reading.

There is even a bonus if your intererested in digging a little deeper into your soul blueprint reading once we understand your soul's plan and your purpose for being here and you know what you came here to do. Then we can determine the areas you are needing to work on and come up with a plan that will support you in meeting all the needs of your soul’s plan so that you can get on with your life and live life with power, purpose and wholeness.

That's right after a RippleFX Soul Blueprint Reading you will be armed with a massive tool ready to take on your world, allowing you to live your life on purpose and complete what it is you came here to do. Because in all honesty that is the reason your here, everyone of us has come to earth to make a contribution that is unique to each one of us. It is just that some of us have forgotten and we need to be reminded so we can flow with life instead of resisting it.

You know your life was not meant to be lived for the purpose of pain and suffering that is just the catalyst to get you to wake up learn your lessons so you can live a life of purpose and meaning with love, peace and acceptance that you are perfect just as you are. The only question you really need to ask yourself now is do you really wan’t to know? Because if you know your true purpose you are in effect saying I am ready to become the greatness that I know I can be!

Please contact me directly to set up a mutually beneifical time for a RippleFX Soul Blueprint Reading.

This is a 90 minute reading via phone or skype and you will be provided with an MP3 download cost $190.00 US. payable through paypal.

My name is Kerrace Alexander and I can be reached for consultation at:


Your Life Was Planned before You Were Born- So What is Your Pre-birth Plan?

In all honesty you came into this world so that you can make a contribution to the world that is unique to you.

The challenges that you have faced throughout your life where planned by you before birth! Now I know that may sound strange but it is true you planned these challenges before birth; however not for the purpose of suffering but for the growth that would result.

If you view your life challenges as nothing more then meaniningless suffering and occurances as random and arbitrary then you are missing the point. You planned your challenges so you can see them as rich with purpose.

This knowledge alone will ease your suffering. If you know why you planned your challenges you can consciously learn the lessons your challenges offer so that any feellings of fear, anger, resentment,blame and self pitty can be replaced by a focus on growth.

If you are interested in exlporing your soul's pre-birth plan I would encourage you to get a RippleFX Soul Blueprint reading because in all honesty when you drew your first breath, an extraordinary map was created.

An astrology reading provides a map or blueprint that leads to a treasure more precious than a pot of gold.

This map describes your highest human potential. It shows the challenges you came to master during this lifetime. It even reveals the divine plan you’re here to fulfill.

This map also looks into the future. It shows when you’ll be experiencing times of opportunity or challenge, and in what areas of life. It can also help you understand the deeper meaning behind your life’s events.

This map is your birth chart. Unlocking the profound insights in my chart has enriched my life beyond measure. As a highly intuitive empath, it is my privilege and pleasure to help you unlock the secrets buried in your original blueprint.

Please remember that the more we live in harmony with this blueprint, the more magnificent and fulfilling life becomes.

Please contact me directly to set up a mutually beneifical time for a RippleFX Soul Blueprint Reading.

This is a 90 minute reading via phone or skype and you will be provided with an MP3 download cost $190.00 US. payable through paypal.

My name is Kerrace Alexander and I can be reached for consultation at:


How To Unleash The Creative Brilliance Within!

Because this physical world system is a system which locks us into this limited third dimensional reality through our five senses we are unable to experience our full creative potential and power in order to create our dreams and desires on a consistent basis.

The creative power source that allows us to literally create miracles lies dormant within us ready to be awakened at any moment; however for most of us we have never learned how to access this power. I have been able to access this power and if you are reading this and these words are resonating with you then read on.

What is lacking is that we need to become aware that this source of power exists learn where it comes from and how to tap into this unlimited source of power and develop the skills to mold, harness and direct this power to wield what we want in life and work!

I can teach you those skills and more! I invite you to join me a teleconference September 23, 2010 at 6:00PM PDT click on the event page to your right of this blog to find out more details and to register for the event! You won't want to miss it! or just read below:

This teleconference will reveal the latest cutting edge technology in the area of creativity!

Creativity for most of us seems to be an elusive process leaving us with many stories of unfulfilled desires and dreams mared with fits and spurts in an effort to create what we really want in life and work!

I am here to tell you there is an answer and it does not reside in some book or secret doctrine in fact the creative process is actually wired into your physical body but the creative force is accessed from somewhere else.

In this 90 minute teleconference you will learn that in ancient Greece and ancient Rome people did not happen to believe that creativity came from human beings back then. People believed that creativity was this divine attendant.

In This 90 minute teleconference you will learn:

What is the divine attendant the ancients spoke of?
What are the seven stages of the creative process?
How to access your creative genius or divine attendant on a regular basis?
How do universal laws affect your ability to create and manifest in your life?
You will receive take away tools to support you in the creative process?

This teleconference will be packed full of information and take away materials that you can apply in your life and work immediately.

Once Payment is received you will recieve a conference telephone number and conference code for this event! in an email. Please Contact Kerrace at: if you have any questions.

I encourge you to register early as this event will quickly sell out!

Just click on the event link to the right of this page to register!

I look forward to your participation,


Abundance is Your Birthright You Deserve To Live a Larger Life

We must step outside the confines of this physical world system in order to consciously create our life and work in the full context of the greater expression of who we are!

Your playing small does not serve the evolution of this planet, your solar system, your creator or your souls evolution. If you are still caught in the drama of your life here on earth which you experience through your five senses and you believe this reality to be true and that nothing else exists beyond your current state of being in this moment then sigh! And Breathe!............

Then answer this question! What are you willing to do? to change your limited viewpoint of your life and your existence here on earth so that the experiences that you create can bring more meaning and sustanence to your life and work, so that you can express and become more of who you are and experience a larger life outside the confines of this limited reality?

If any of this information resonates with you and you would like to learn about how I can support your through this period of transition and change please contact Kerrace at:


How Do I Consciously Create in My Life and Work?

Bigfish Strategies Inc. through “The RippleFX System” is an educational and conscious empowerment system committed to creating a new global culture working in conjunction with others to bring about a new stage of human consciousness and culture.

At Bigfish Strategies Inc., we work to make intelligent contact with cosmic consciousness to assist self conscious individuals in the ascent into a higher plane of existence.

Bigfish strategies role is to facilitate this contact, and to aid men and women in making the most infinitely important step in question to reclaim their divinity and natural inheritance as unconditional love and live a heart centered life.

Kerrace is stated as saying “The next stage of human evolution is to learn the universal language of love, which can be named "Cosmic Consciousness," and it is slowly beginning to appear on our physical world but will eventually spread widely throughout all of humanity”.

The Bigfish vision is profoundly optimistic for the future of humanity “ says Kerrace “you see the universe is built and ordered in such a way that without any peradventure all things work together for the good of each and all, and the very foundation principle of the world is what we call love and that the happiness of every human being is in the long run is absolutely certain.”

Kerrace says that her original spiritual teaching, Cosmic consciousness, is unique for placing the traditional realization of enlightenment in the context of cosmic evolution. By awakening to the timeless "Ground of Being," Kerrace maintains, human beings can liberate themselves from selfish motives, or ego, and learn to manifest what she calls the "True Self." This self beyond ego is said to represent humanity at its most wholesome: creative, compassionate core self, and is motivated by an evolutionary impulse that is "one with the universe." According to Kerrace, when human beings choose to live as the True Self, they can realize their inseparability from the universe and thereby discover a purpose for living that transcends egoism—that is, the uniquely human capacity to participate in the evolution of consciousness itself.

Kerrace distinguishes Cosmic consciousness from traditional "personal" enlightenment. In Cosmic consciousness, she teaches, enlightenment is no longer the possession of the individual, but instead becomes the ground of relationship upon which a new culture is created. Kerrace argues that the creation of this new consciousness and culture is essential for the survival of the race, and says that it is particularly incumbent upon those individuals who are at the leading edge of human development to take this next step.

To assist those who wish to evolve in this way, Kerrace has developed a comprehensive cosmic toolkit called the RippleFX System of which she combines RippleFX teachings, the RippleFX Resilience Technique and the RippleFX Life Energy System (coaching program) to facilitate the evolution of indviduals and human consciousness.

Kerrace has developed what she characterizes as a unique path of transformation for individuals and companies wanting to take the next evolutionary step, and she has coined this step as Cosmic consciousness. She sees herself as working in conjunction with others to bring about a new stage of human consciousness and culture to this physical world system.

Kerrace Alexander is a facilitator, inspirational speaker, and writer. She can be contacted at or 604-646-0508.

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