Emotional Release Bodywork That Works From a Distance and in Person

If you are wanting to experience energy work to help you clear up and get past some "stuff" so that you can feel genuinely happy MORE of the time. You should experience energy work. If you feel you know yourself pretty well and don’t want to spend thousands on counselling sessions that are like gentle hand-pats you can get from your friends. Then a RippleFX Resilience Technique session is for you! the energy work you experience during a distance session or face to face healing will help you, and in a relatively short time you can transform you life.

RippleFX Resilience Technique Private Sessions

During the session, Kerrace will take you to the core of your emotional issues, and help you identify and release whatever negative patterns and blocked energy from the past you might still be holding onto, and help you to break through to a new level in your process of personal and spiritual development.

This is a rare opportunity to experience a new frequency of energy in your life, and an investment in your dynamic health and well-being. Kerrace’s work is transformational and one session is enough to experience lasting and life-changing results.

This is not an ongoing therapy. In just one session, Kerrace helps you identify and release what you're holding onto from the past that's keeping you blocked, from the body, subconscious mind and quantum grid. Her special gift is to help you get connected with the highest levels of your own personal empowerment. No matter where you are on your spiritual path, Kerrace can help you break through to the next level of your ability to fully experience your life in the highest dimensions.

During and after your session, you will experience and be able to hold higher frequencies of energy, experience unconditional self-acceptance without judgement, and what your life would feel like if there were no limitations! This is a powerful and valuable experience! The unconditional vision of your highest potential for this lifetime that you project into the Quantum Grid by the end of the session will effectively continue to move your life forward! Kerrace's ability to help you to tune into your higher mind centers, your intuition, release fear, anxiety, and negative baggage from the past, and tune into a deep sense of well-being, personal empowerment and creativity, is valuable and important work at this time in human history.

This work opens up the internal energy field, allowing it to flow freely again, usually for the first time in many years. It balances the chakras, and opens the aura around the brain. It quiets the mind as it balances the mental field, and clears blocks and balances the energy around the body, it stimulates the quantum field, allowing you to move out of the realm of this dimension, into a world of infinite possibility and instantaneous manifestation.

This is deep and powerful bodywork, combined with working with the subconscious mind, and the quantum energy field, stimulate your divine and natural ability to be the Creator!

Please contact Kerrace: to set up a time for a session! or click on the link to your right at the top make payment and we will contact you once payment has been made to set up your session!


What is the Energetic Impact of Beliefs in Your Life and Work?

We are CREATORS. What does that mean?

It means that regardless of where we are coming from, we are consistently creating our world through our beliefs.

We need to share this knowledge with our children. If we had been told the truth of who we really are as children, imagine the world we could have created!

It is because we are CREATORS and, thus, MANIFESTORS that we need to own and to speak our fears. Our fears are maladaptive beliefs which inform our creations.

We see the world as we think we are. So, if we have a certain perception of self, we assume that it is that self that others see.

This is about a belief of who we are. We are not going to manifest physical wholeness and maintain it consistently without embracing all of who we are - the good, the bad and the ugly - without embracing the embodiment of us. This isn't about mental or physical healing or the need to fix ourselves. This is about identifying ourselves as Energy Beings and Creators with all the implications that this carries.

Everyone and everything is Energy. We are Quantum Beings - part of the magnificent Quantum Field. We are extensions of Source Energy. As Energy Beings, we are constantly processing information consciously and unconsciously, and we are also consciously and unconsciously receiving, transmitting and sharing information with others.

From the RippleFX Resilience Technique (RRT)perspective, we are innately whole. This means that our foundation is one of wholeness which is Eternal and Quantum. We have given many names to this wholeness or quantum power of which we are a part. They include: God, Goddess, Universal Mind, Source, Spirit, Sacred Energy, and the Grid of Cosmic Consciousness. All information being shared is from this Quantum place and we are required to view everyone and everything which happens around us, from this Place of Wholeness.

In seeking to work with the Energy in RippleFX Resilience Technique (RRT) we are basically expressing an intention to bring about personal change in ourselves and our lives. This process of self-change constitutes a highly individualized journey for each of us. It is a journey of Self-Love or Compassion for Self.

From an RippleFX Resilience Technique (RRT) perspective, all emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual dis-ease is the product of our "separation" from Self which expresses itself in an absence of self-love and self-appreciation. Our symptoms (which are like warning signal lights on a car's dashboard) represent an avoidance of the emotional pain stemming from this separation from Self. Psychologically, this is as true of someone suffering from an acute psychosis as someone suffering from panic attacks, bipolar disorder or chronic, intractable depression.

It is important to remember that we are constantly creating whether it is from this wholeness, we speak of, or our wounded places. (Unfortunately, many of us persist in creating from our wounds for quite a long time!) When we speak to someone, we are either coming from our wholeness or our wounds. When we make a choice to come from our wholeness, even when the other person is in their wounds, our message automatically goes to their wholeness. This amplifies or supports them in self-awareness, self-love and personal evolvement. The more we can focus on that wholeness - the more the world will change in a positive direction.

The RippleFX Resilience Technique (RRT) works by targetting our wounds and supports us in integrating our wounds and transmuting the pain. The definition of "integrate" is to combine (one thing) with another so that they become a whole, while "transmute" means a change in form, nature or substance.

Put simply, a wound is a fear-based belief arising out of a particular life experience or taken in through cultural conditioning. In the case of sexual abuse, therefore, it is not the experience of sexual abuse, however unpleasant it may have been, which constitutes our wounds. Rather, it is the fear-based beliefs that arise out of or are associated with the sexual abuse that constitute our wounds. Fear-based beliefs are always negative and maladaptive.

Our participation in integrating our wounds involves our embracing and owning a hurtful experience. In some cases this requires breaking through our denial regarding what happened to us or how it has affected us. Thus, first there is recognition or validation: "Yes, this happened". "This was my experience". Then we allow the Energy - that quantum power - to support us by dissolving the fear-based, maladaptive beliefs that we hold in association with the experience.

The Energy changes maladaptive beliefs by transmuting them and, in so doing, leaving more expression of our wholeness. The wound - a fear-based belief - dissolves so that all that is left is more of our wholeness - i.e. more of our joy, our self-compassion. It is in this way, by integrating and transmuting the pain of fear-based beliefs, that we begin to realize more and more of our Wholeness - more and more of who we truly are.

If any of this information resonates with you and you would like to learn more about the RippleFX Resilience Technique please contact Kerrace: we do healings at a distance over the phone and in person.


Bigfish Strategies Reveals Unchaining the Power of Love a Revolutionary Manifesto - No Secrets Allowed

Bigfish Strategies Inc. through “The RippleFX System” is an educational and conscious empowerment system committed to creating a new global culture working in conjunction with others to bring about a new stage of human consciousness and culture.

At Bigfish Strategies Inc., we work to make intelligent contact with cosmic consciousness to assist self conscious individuals in the ascent into a higher plane of existence.

Bigfish strategies role is to facilitate this contact, and to aid men and women in making the most infinitely important step in question to reclaim their divinity and natural inheritance as unconditional love and live a heart centered life.

Kerrace is stated as saying “The next stage of human evolution is to learn the universal language of love, which can be named "Cosmic Consciousness," and it is slowly beginning to appear on our physical world but will eventually spread widely throughout all of humanity”.

The Bigfish vision is profoundly optimistic for the future of humanity “ says Kerrace “you see the universe is built and ordered in such a way that without any peradventure all things work together for the good of each and all, and the very foundation principle of the world is what we call love and that the happiness of every human being is in the long run is absolutely certain.”

Kerrace says that her original spiritual teaching, Cosmic consciousness, is unique for placing the traditional realization of enlightenment in the context of cosmic evolution. By awakening to the timeless "Ground of Being," Kerrace maintains, human beings can liberate themselves from selfish motives, or ego, and learn to manifest what she calls the "True Self." This self beyond ego is said to represent humanity at its most wholesome: creative, compassionate core self, and is motivated by an evolutionary impulse that is "one with the universe." According to Kerrace, when human beings choose to live as the True Self, they can realize their inseparability from the universe and thereby discover a purpose for living that transcends egoism—that is, the uniquely human capacity to participate in the evolution of consciousness itself.

Kerrace distinguishes Cosmic consciousness from traditional "personal" enlightenment. In Cosmic consciousness, she teaches, enlightenment is no longer the possession of the individual, but instead becomes the ground of relationship upon which a new culture is created. Kerrace argues that the creation of this new consciousness and culture is essential for the survival of the race, and says that it is particularly incumbent upon those individuals who are at the leading edge of human development to take this next step.

To assist those who wish to evolve in this way, Kerrace has developed a comprehensive cosmic toolkit called the RippleFX System of which she combines RippleFX teachings, the RippleFX Resilience Technique and the RippleFX Life Energy System (coaching program) to facilitate the evolution of human consciousness.

Kerrace has developed what she characterizes as a unique path of transformation for individuals and companies wanting to take the next evolutionary step, and she has coined this step as Cosmic consciousness. She sees herself as working in conjunction with others to bring about a new stage of human consciousness and culture to this physical world system.

Kerrace Alexander is a facilitator, inspirational speaker, and writer. She can be contacted at or 604-646-0508.

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