Bigfish Strategies Reveals Unchaining the Power of Love a Revolutionary Manifesto - No Secrets Allowed

Bigfish Strategies Inc. through “The RippleFX System” is an educational and conscious empowerment system committed to creating a new global culture working in conjunction with others to bring about a new stage of human consciousness and culture.

At Bigfish Strategies Inc., we work to make intelligent contact with cosmic consciousness to assist self conscious individuals in the ascent into a higher plane of existence.

Bigfish strategies role is to facilitate this contact, and to aid men and women in making the most infinitely important step in question to reclaim their divinity and natural inheritance as unconditional love and live a heart centered life.

Kerrace is stated as saying “The next stage of human evolution is to learn the universal language of love, which can be named "Cosmic Consciousness," and it is slowly beginning to appear on our physical world but will eventually spread widely throughout all of humanity”.

The Bigfish vision is profoundly optimistic for the future of humanity “ says Kerrace “you see the universe is built and ordered in such a way that without any peradventure all things work together for the good of each and all, and the very foundation principle of the world is what we call love and that the happiness of every human being is in the long run is absolutely certain.”

Kerrace says that her original spiritual teaching, Cosmic consciousness, is unique for placing the traditional realization of enlightenment in the context of cosmic evolution. By awakening to the timeless "Ground of Being," Kerrace maintains, human beings can liberate themselves from selfish motives, or ego, and learn to manifest what she calls the "True Self." This self beyond ego is said to represent humanity at its most wholesome: creative, compassionate core self, and is motivated by an evolutionary impulse that is "one with the universe." According to Kerrace, when human beings choose to live as the True Self, they can realize their inseparability from the universe and thereby discover a purpose for living that transcends egoism—that is, the uniquely human capacity to participate in the evolution of consciousness itself.

Kerrace distinguishes Cosmic consciousness from traditional "personal" enlightenment. In Cosmic consciousness, she teaches, enlightenment is no longer the possession of the individual, but instead becomes the ground of relationship upon which a new culture is created. Kerrace argues that the creation of this new consciousness and culture is essential for the survival of the race, and says that it is particularly incumbent upon those individuals who are at the leading edge of human development to take this next step.

To assist those who wish to evolve in this way, Kerrace has developed a comprehensive cosmic toolkit called the RippleFX System of which she combines RippleFX teachings, the RippleFX Resilience Technique and the RippleFX Life Energy System (coaching program) to facilitate the evolution of human consciousness.

Kerrace has developed what she characterizes as a unique path of transformation for individuals and companies wanting to take the next evolutionary step, and she has coined this step as Cosmic consciousness. She sees herself as working in conjunction with others to bring about a new stage of human consciousness and culture to this physical world system.

Kerrace Alexander is a facilitator, inspirational speaker, and writer. She can be contacted at or 604-646-0508.

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