How Does Culture Creation Impact Your Personality?

The physical world system that we live in is a world system institutionalized by the negative ego or lower self consciousness and it permeates all aspects of our society.

When we come to understand that our culture was not created by us but for us. When we learn that we are culturally created individuals and that our values are learned from a culture based on our individual ego’s fears and desires. Then an opportunity presents itself for each of us to embrace the change needed to take back our individual sovereignty. A right to reclaim the unlimited amount of power that resides within each and every human being. Thus providing each of us an opportunity to become co-creators of the world in which we long for, a world which is inclusive of all beings, honouring life, providing prosperity and abundance for all of humanity under the auspice of unconditional love.

We must come to know that culture creation is very integral in the development of our personality and self image which in turn gives us a life structure and a sense of security, it is in fact wired in the constitution of man.

For many of us our personality or self image has been moulded and conditioned through the beliefs and values instilled by our parents in the early years and as adults through consumerism.

You see the human nature is always wanting and seeking and needing to fulfil it’s desires that is the very nature of being human it is an action oriented tool.

The human body propels us into action to get the things we think we want and need. However the mind also plays a very important part in the process it is through our thoughts and emotions that create our behaviour.

Please note that the mind through our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and judgements uses up our store of vital energy.

Some of us are very invested in our identifications; our ideas about ourselves-how we should look, how we should feel, what we should or shouldn't be doing-are so strong that if it was possible to ask someone why they have such an investment in the identification and ideas about themselves, I bet you the answer would be "I don’t know - that’s how things are done around here." But what they won’t tell you is that their very survival is dependent upon the identification of who they think they are.

You are not your name your title your position, your job, your social status, your family, the amount of money you have, all that makes up the identity of you. In order to learn the truth of who you are there is a transformation process that needs to take place that dissolves old patterns of thought and behaviour that holds us back.

When we can identify and peal away old concepts and their corresponding life structures which prevent growth we realize that they no longer serve our creative purpose and need to be eliminated. Much pain and agony may arise in the process of releasing our vital energy from useless forms of habitual non-productive psychological patterns, but this is also the very energy that will nourish us and enable us to push onward toward new growth.

Remember endings are the pre-curser to new beginnings.

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Stress What's Personality Got to Do with It?

Do You....

Live with fear and anxiety or stress?
withhold emotions and live in silence?
get triggered by others and have emotional outbursts?
feel stuck, unable to move forward?
feel depressed, trapped, hopeless or wondering what your Life Mission is?

When we can begin to recognize our unwanted inner feelings and emotions, we have taken the first step in recognizing a split from our true authentic self. This is the recognition that is needed to allow us to let go of our past and make room to create a future we desire.

Emotions and feelings are energy and energy does not just disappear. When emotions and feelings are not expressed appropriately they get stored in the physical body. Emotional energy that we experience in our childhood into our adult life does not go away just because we are forced to deny it or choose to repress it in order to survive.

If we didn’t learn how to release emotions in healthy ways in our childhood what tends to happen in our adult life is we develop emotional triggers which shape our personality these triggers get activated when we interact with people causing our emotional reactions to explode outward or implode back in on us. If repressed emotions are not released they can bring about other problems such as mental or physical illness. The result is we will use food, cigarettes, alcohol drugs, overwork, extreme exercise or other obsessive or harmful behaviours to cope.

It is important to remember that our bodies are like a computer. The organs along with every cell in the body act as a file. These files contain every event and memory from before we were born to the present. The memories may range from being allowed to cry or laugh which can have a major effect, causing us to repress our true emotions to memories of abuse and trauma in many forms, causing us to remain in a fight/flight self –defence mode affecting us mentally, physically and emotionally, chemically and spiritually.

There are only two emotions that run our lives fear based emotions and love based emotions. With this awareness, we can seek ways to release from our body, mind and spirit the effects of unwanted emotions, feelings and past trauma. Tapping into our conscious and subconscious mind allows us to reconnect with our authentic self.

We offer over the phone deep emotional release work using deep emotional release techniques with re-patterning and re-programming releasing old belief systems.

If any of this information resonates with you please feel free to contact me bigfishstrategies@gmail.com about the RippleFX Teachings/RippleFX Healing Systems or to set up a time for a RippleFX Reslience Primer consultation.

Artwork by Timothy Helgeson


What is the RippleFX Teachings

So you want to learn more.

Awesome! Well, the first thing that you need to know is that this is the home of The RippleFX Teachings

And what is the RippleFX Teachings?

Well, the RippleFX Teachings is the name for my non-denominational system for living and loving without fear. The system consists of a graded course of study designed to move you out of spiritual darkness and confusion and into the full light of day. If that sounds mystical and out there for you, basically I'm going to help you take your blindfold off.

And how do I propose to do that?

By reminding you of the awesome Truth basically.

By reminding you of who are and what you are doing here, by providing you with guidance and technique to ensure you stay grounded and stable throughout the process of awakening to your higher power, and by teaching you skills and techniques that you can use to help others do the same. And that is all there is to it.

Now, I know it doesn't sound like much. I know that, depending on your spiritual background (or lack thereof), you will be expecting excruciating difficulty, grinding moral testing, difficult evolutionary challenges, convoluted philosophical rocket science, unforgiving judgment, or horrible consequences for failure. I know that you might even be expecting beams from the galaxy center, Christ, lightships, magical pole shifts, or mystical evolutionary advances to handle the whole thing for you. Unfortunately, that's all a bunch of confused, marketing. The truth is, the power is within you and as soon as you know that, as soon as you remember who you are, and as soon as you understand it all starts with you, then everything begins to change.

It is that easy, and it is up to you.

You can continue to do what you've been socialized to do and look outside yourself to Christ, lightships, the "great white brotherhood" or whatever for salvation, or you can follow my advice, turn to yourself, and begin the process of filling up the vessel with the light of your own higher consciousness, but know that It's your choice.

If you find yourself still intrigued, then have a look at some of the core philosophical tenants of the RippleFX Teachings familiarize yourself with the various levels of study, and then jump right in by starting with the RippleFX Resilience Primer.

I won't kid you, there is a ton of material and more is coming every day. However it is well organized and thought out and the end result is the removal of the blindfold, the disintegration of the veil or, if you prefer, your spiritual and psychological freedom from the chains of old world system of thinking. It is definitely worth the time and effort you will put in.

The only question you ever need to ask yourself on your spiritual awakening journey and the question we ask you along the way is "How Far Will You Go?"

If any of this information resonates with you please feel free to contact me bigfishstrategies@gmail.com about the RippleFX Teachings/RippleFX Healing Systems or to set up a time for a RippleFX Reslience Primer consultation.