What to Know about Energy Healing?

Physics has educated us about energy and tells us that all things are moving.

Like all the planets in our solar system, every atom in our body is continuously in motion but they are invisible to the human eye. Like a river water, blood in our veins and life energy runs throughout our body.

Energy wants to run throughout our body freely, but often it becomes blocked. When our body holds tension it interrupts energy flow. That’s why individuals who are calm rarely get sick.

However for those with energy blocks may require energy clearing for proper functioning of their body.

When energy in your body is running uninhibited then all functions of body perform normally. For example: when a gas filter on a bus gets blocked the bus doesn’t work well right?.

Likewise when your bodies energy flow gets clogged, the body can’t perform normally. Therefore for natural function of body, energy has to flow freely.

When life becomes so hectic, and people feel they have little time for rest, then their body gets cranky. One of the great benefits of energy healing is people get energized from energy healing as an energy healing can remove interruptions of energy in order to stabilize normal flow of body energy.

Clogged energy can cause illness, tension and pain. People tend to hold tension in the muscles of their body and if the tension becomes cronic people will often mistaken the tension for being calm, as it continuously increases over time.

For severe tension energy healing helps to release tension at a deeper level. Energy healing can work on physical knots, allowing the energy to simultaneously discharge the source of the issue, caused by emotions and patterns of thought which generally cause the tension in the first place.

As a practitioner of the RippleFX Reslience technique which is a energy healing technique. I use a special combination of effective techniques for helping in freeing the discharged of clogged energy in a clients body. This helps the free flow of body energy, leaving individuals with reduced tension and in a stress free state of mind. Many people have a energy healing session with me often comment that they feel very relaxed after an energy healing treatment.

I can't stress this point enough and that is free flowing energy throughout your body is very essential for normal and natural working of body. I offer virtual energy healing sessions via telephone or skype contact kerrace: to learn more or to set up a mutually beneficial time for an energy healing session.