How To Unleash The Creative Brilliance Within!

Because this physical world system is a system which locks us into this limited third dimensional reality through our five senses we are unable to experience our full creative potential and power in order to create our dreams and desires on a consistent basis.

The creative power source that allows us to literally create miracles lies dormant within us ready to be awakened at any moment; however for most of us we have never learned how to access this power. I have been able to access this power and if you are reading this and these words are resonating with you then read on.

What is lacking is that we need to become aware that this source of power exists learn where it comes from and how to tap into this unlimited source of power and develop the skills to mold, harness and direct this power to wield what we want in life and work!

I can teach you those skills and more! I invite you to join me a teleconference September 23, 2010 at 6:00PM PDT click on the event page to your right of this blog to find out more details and to register for the event! You won't want to miss it! or just read below:

This teleconference will reveal the latest cutting edge technology in the area of creativity!

Creativity for most of us seems to be an elusive process leaving us with many stories of unfulfilled desires and dreams mared with fits and spurts in an effort to create what we really want in life and work!

I am here to tell you there is an answer and it does not reside in some book or secret doctrine in fact the creative process is actually wired into your physical body but the creative force is accessed from somewhere else.

In this 90 minute teleconference you will learn that in ancient Greece and ancient Rome people did not happen to believe that creativity came from human beings back then. People believed that creativity was this divine attendant.

In This 90 minute teleconference you will learn:

What is the divine attendant the ancients spoke of?
What are the seven stages of the creative process?
How to access your creative genius or divine attendant on a regular basis?
How do universal laws affect your ability to create and manifest in your life?
You will receive take away tools to support you in the creative process?

This teleconference will be packed full of information and take away materials that you can apply in your life and work immediately.

Once Payment is received you will recieve a conference telephone number and conference code for this event! in an email. Please Contact Kerrace at: if you have any questions.

I encourge you to register early as this event will quickly sell out!

Just click on the event link to the right of this page to register!

I look forward to your participation,