New Cosmic Story Reveals Our Origins

New Cosmic Story is a transformational model which describes the nature and structure of energy in the universe.

New Cosmic Story reveals how universal energy dynamics are only partially being played out in every corner of every society around the world, resulting in imbalance. We see these as power dynamics expressed in government, business, military, academia, our families and in all facets of life.

New Cosmic Story exposes the root of all the world’s dysfunction as an imbalance in the dynamics of Energy.

New Cosmic Story promises to enrich the conception of our cosmic origins, providing answers to some of the major questions that have perplexed humanity for millennia:

• Who are we?
• Where did we come from?
• What is our purpose for being here?
• What’s happening on the Earth right now?

Kerrace Alexander
Bigfish Strategies Inc.
Spiritual Activist/Author/ Facilitator New Cosmic Story

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