Story of Creation is Wired in Your Body!

The story of creation is wired within your physical body! You may be asking yourself how I know? I know because I have been able to unlocked this ancient wisdom within myself.

I have always been asking the deeper questions but I never thought I could actually come up with the answers, I will have you know it has been a thirteen year journey.

You might be saying to yourself that is not a long time to come up with answers to some of the most profound questions you know those sort of questions that have eluded humanity for millennia:

• Where Did we Come From?
• Who are we?
• What are we doing here?
• What is our purpose for being here on Earth
• Whats happening on this earth right now

I have developed "New Cosmic Story" which is a model about the nature and structure of power in the universe and how this dynamic of power is only partially being played out in every corner of our society and in every society around the world which is causing so much imbalance in the world today. We see these power dynamics expressed in government, in business, in military, in academia, in our families in all facets of life. New Cosmic Story exposes the root of all the worlds dysfunction – as an imbalance in the dynamics of power.

New Cosmic Story promises to enrich our conception of our cosmic family origins, and provides answers some of the major questions that continue to go unanswered but have perplexed humanity for millennia.

• Who are we?
• Where do we come From?
• What are we doing here?
• What does our future hold?

I even take things a step further because I beleive it is critical for people to understand and know their relationship to their creator so they can live a purpose filled life.

I have developed The RippleFX Blueprint System which is astrology’s natural successor. It draws from ancient wisdom traditions — astrology, the chakra system, and energy healing to illuminate through the "Cosmic Creation Model" your creative potential allowing you to unlock the creation story or wisdom within them.

The system takes the torch from the hand of astrology and carries it to the next level, becoming both an accurate guide for life and a self-assessment device to unlock the inner wisdom within each of us and answers the questions who we are? where do we came from? what are we to do now? and where are we going?.

“The RippleFX Blueprint System" is ripe for these changing times, encouraging us to unlock the wisdom within each of us, the story of our creation is dormant within us waiting to be awakened,” says Kerrace Alexander author of New Cosmic Story and becuase I have gone through the process of discovery individuals can find out in a series of sessions the truth of who they are, who they are becoming and where they are going. It all boils down to whether you really want to know the truth or not?

Not everyone is ready for the truth though "says kerrace" and so they continue to suffer in quiet desperation and that is unfortunate because we are meant to live a full life that is one of the main reason for living on earth. I believe it is about living, loving creating and learning and exploring while experiencing and enjoying our life!

If any of this information resonates with you and you would like to set up a consultation to unlock the wisdom with you via telephone or skype! or if you would like more information on how I can support you please contact kerrace: or call me at 604-646-0508.