Are You Ready to Unlock the Story of You? It's Encoded in Your DNA!

In the future or the future as now in this period we find ourselve or are moving into is a time that we will mark in our history as a time where we recognized that we no longer need stories that are fed to us through media to orient ourselves in this physical world system.

Although we have required, stories in the past our future reveals that the stories will reside within each and everyone of us accessible in the moment encoded in our DNA available as we need them.

Butterfly's do not have a story that they talk about it is actually built into their DNA. Wolves, whales all of them know what they are doing because it is part of their genetic inheritance.

Humans require stories that are expressed in our culture so that we can find our way forward, but if they are stories which are given to us and not made by us from within our being then they are false stories that only serve the purpose of indentification or a sense of belonging to the cultural system that gave us the story in the first place.

Therefore they are not our stories the only stories that are true are stories that enable us to know what is important to do, what's important to avoid, who are we, what are we about, they situate us in the world that gives us fundamental meaning, orientation and direction.

Now if there are any doubts about the stories we tell ourselves or others then maybe it's time to trace where these stories come from and could there possibly be a story that is more true to you that resides within your inner being that is richer then the stories you currently carry about yourself, others and your world?

Like butterflies we have a story that is built into our DNA it is just that we have not learned how to access this story! I offer a number of solutions that support individuals to determine the true story of who they are that is locked in their DNA ready and waiting to be awakended allowing you to live a life of freedom, joy and in full expression of your authentic self. You deserve to live a purposeful life! Contact Kerrace at: to learn more about unlocking the story with you and living your full potential!