Your Life Was Planned before You Were Born- So What is Your Pre-birth Plan?

In all honesty you came into this world so that you can make a contribution to the world that is unique to you.

The challenges that you have faced throughout your life where planned by you before birth! Now I know that may sound strange but it is true you planned these challenges before birth; however not for the purpose of suffering but for the growth that would result.

If you view your life challenges as nothing more then meaniningless suffering and occurances as random and arbitrary then you are missing the point. You planned your challenges so you can see them as rich with purpose.

This knowledge alone will ease your suffering. If you know why you planned your challenges you can consciously learn the lessons your challenges offer so that any feellings of fear, anger, resentment,blame and self pitty can be replaced by a focus on growth.

If you are interested in exlporing your soul's pre-birth plan I would encourage you to get a RippleFX Soul Blueprint reading because in all honesty when you drew your first breath, an extraordinary map was created.

An astrology reading provides a map or blueprint that leads to a treasure more precious than a pot of gold.

This map describes your highest human potential. It shows the challenges you came to master during this lifetime. It even reveals the divine plan you’re here to fulfill.

This map also looks into the future. It shows when you’ll be experiencing times of opportunity or challenge, and in what areas of life. It can also help you understand the deeper meaning behind your life’s events.

This map is your birth chart. Unlocking the profound insights in my chart has enriched my life beyond measure. As a highly intuitive empath, it is my privilege and pleasure to help you unlock the secrets buried in your original blueprint.

Please remember that the more we live in harmony with this blueprint, the more magnificent and fulfilling life becomes.

Please contact me directly to set up a mutually beneifical time for a RippleFX Soul Blueprint Reading.

This is a 90 minute reading via phone or skype and you will be provided with an MP3 download cost $190.00 US. payable through paypal.

My name is Kerrace Alexander and I can be reached for consultation at: