Are You Feeling Stuck in Your Work and Life! and Do You Need Help?

If you answered yes to any one of the question below then we can help you! Contact Bigfish Strategies Inc.: bigfishstrategies@gmail.com, Kerrace Alexander, is a Facilitator providing life and business coaching for individuals who want more freedom, prosperity and abundance in their work and life!

• Do you feel uncertain about the future?
• Are you looking for answers?
• Do you find it difficult staying focused?
• Do you have challenges in your work and life?
• Do you find yourself attracting certain patterns over and over again?
• Do you lack clarity or direction in your work and life?

Here are some of the services we provide at Bigfish Strategies:

1. RippleFX Resilience Primer

The RippleFX Resilience Primer is an introductory session for one hour.

It is a one on one session with Kerrace about you.

It is also a personal evaluation/alignment session to see what your needs and wants are and also to tune in to see what is needed on your journey toward living and loving without fear.

The session will provide us with a direction to start as well as what is needed on a soul level should you determine this is a good time for you to begin or continue your journey with me.

2. RippleFX Resilience Healing Technique

A Healing System That Works!

Receiving a healing from an experienced RippleFX Resilience Technique practitioner is the quickest way to heal yourself and change your life. The possibilities of what you can achieve through a healing are limitless.

3. RippleFX Soul Blueprint Reading

When you drew your first breath, an extraordinary map was created.

An astrology reading provides a map or blueprint that leads to a treasure more precious than a pot of gold.

This map describes your highest human potential. It shows the challenges you came to master during this lifetime. It even reveals the divine plan you’re here to fulfill.

This map also looks into the future. It shows when you’ll be experiencing times of opportunity or challenge, and in what areas of life. It can also help you understand the deeper meaning behind your life’s events.

This map is your birth chart. Unlocking the profound insights in my chart has enriched my life beyond measure. As a professional astrologer, it is my privilege and pleasure to help you unlock the secrets buried in yours.

Please remember that the more we live in harmony with this blueprint, the more magnificent and fulfilling life becomes.

This is a 90 minute reading and you will be provided with an MP3 download

4. RippleFX Energy is Prosperity Coaching Program

RippleFX Seven Stages of Manifestation System
Laser Prosperity Coaching
Explosive Growth Prosperity Training
Get Your Questions Answered” Group Call
Digital Recordings of ALL-THREE Calls
Exclusive “Members Only” site 24/7 Access to Areas of Energy is Prosperity

*One time non-refundable set up fee

You get the RippleFX Seven Stages of Manifestation Document, a 90 minute session with Kerrace in order to take you through the comprehensive seven stages of manifestation document, plus your first month of the Energy is Prosperity Coaching Program along with a laser coaching session to bring you up to speed with the rest of the group all is included with your initial set up fee!

5. RippleFX Energy Coaching for Individual and Business Coaching

During an individual or Business Energy Coaching session you have one hour with me where I work with you on the comprehension, application and integration of the RippleFX Seven Stages of Manifestation System in order to assist you to achieve your goals for work and life.

I also provide laser prosperity coaching during these sessions to identify areas and work through areas where you may be blocking your ability to manifest in your work and life.

In addition I provide one on one explosive Growth Prosperity Training making sure you stay focused on your goals in order to achieve success. We then finish up each session with me providing insights, wisdom and answers to questions you may have for me.

Please remember I always leave you with additional tools and resources to move you forward in your work and life for the days and weeks ahead.

To learn more or to book a private consultation with Kerrace contact Bigfish Strategies Inc. At 604-646-0508 or by email: bigfishStrategies@gmail.com. When emailing please include the days and times that are best for me to contact you to discuss how I may be able to assist you.