Bigfish Strategies Inc. Unleashes How to End Your Story and Live Your Life

It is unfortunate but in all honesty it is our attachment to our personal story that causes most of the pain and suffering in our life.

If we hold onto a philosophy, a belief system, or an agenda of any kind, we create a barrier to the unfolding of something deeper, something more authentic, fresh, and alive. When our beliefs reinforce the idea of being a separate "self," a lonely wave in the ocean of life, it is that separation that breeds feelings of isolation, insecurity, and fear. But when we let go of all philosophies, all stories, and just be, happiness is available.

Forget the philosophies, the stories, the beliefs, the theories and just abide in the openness and freedom of our true nature. It is then that we really will be happy. We'll live out of wholeness, with wisdom and compassion, and we'll do what needs to be done—without fuss, without bother.

Until you actually awaken to deeper levels of freedom, it’s inevitable that you will try to hold onto a story—some thought, belief, concept, story, or philosophy—which gives you the flavour and feeling of the freedom you seek.

This is okay up to a point, but eventually it will become clear to you that even the words and philosophies, no matter how accurate or succinct they may be, have to be released.

Let’s try and exercise right here right now see if you can touch that place right now…Begin by closing your eyes and just be present with whatever you are experiencing.

Notice any thoughts or stories passing through your mind, and any sensations of feelings in your body, and see them for what they are… Just passing phenomena, coming and going… Now visualize yourself as empty space on the inside of your body, an emptiness which is at the same time, infinitely full… Notice how “you,” as the one who is aware of all this, are still very much here... In this moment, you need no story or philosophy to define you… Then open your eyes and just be present as the beautiful, conscious person you are…

Here is another tool to help you end the story and live your life.
If you use this four step process to end your personal story what arises is an opportunity to enter the depth of inner freedom also known as awakening, enlightenment, or self-realization and allowing you to feel peace, love, and creative joy within.

Step 1: Be Present With Your Experience

Normally we deny, resist, or try to push away unwanted experiences, but if you are in conflict, upset, or suffering, you must learn to be present with it, to feel it out, even welcome it. After all, it is showing you where you are not yet free. Ask yourself: “What am I experiencing right now?”

Step 2: Notice the Story

Be aware of the reactive emotion, whether it is stress, self-doubt, guilt, anger, jealousy, loneliness, anxiety, depression, or fear, and then notice the story, belief, or thought behind it. There always is one. The mind generates your emotions. It may be a story from the past triggering the reaction, or a fear of something in the future.

Step 3: See the Truth

Now take a deep, slow breath, and relax. Continue to be with the feeling, but don’t create a new story around it. Notice how the story or thought is always changing. It comes and it goes, but “you,” as an aware being, are ever-present.
In time, as you become freer, you will inevitably inquire into this “me,” this “I” that you take yourself to be.

Step 4: See that it is Just a Story

This is the fourth step needed to fully awaken. When you see that it is just a story too, the story-teller, your emotional energy harmonizes and living becomes rich in meaning, love, and purpose. Then the stories in your life become a whole lot more fun, and you use the power of them, and of your goals and dreams, to create what you are passionate about.

Kerrace Alexander is a spiritual facilitator, inspirational speaker, life and business coach, Author and writer. She can be contacted at bigfishstrategies@gmail.com or 604-646-0508. Or visit my blog at http://bigfishstrategies.blogspot.com/


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