FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Bigfish Strategies offers Ground Breaking Guided Healing Meditation CD- Unlock your True Power Through Heart Resonance

Kerrace Alexander is proud to announce the release of her first CD in the RippleFX “The Journey into the Heart” CD series recordings, which have evolved from Kerrace’s healing work.

This CD is utterly unique and experiential in that it truly is a living expression of consciousness through spoken word, heart entrainment frequencies and soundscapes to support an individual’s shift and expansion of consciousness through heart resonance. These recordings are a healing modality in their own right, available for people to use in the sanctuary of their own home.

The core purpose and gift of the RippleFX Journey into the Heart CD series is to re - awaken you to self knowledge and dominion over self. The Journey into the heart CD is designed to purposefully seat you in the remembrance of your divinity as unconditional love, so that you experience your core essence your higher self as love, allowing you to embody the experience as a spiritual unfoldment through the remembrance of unconditional love as your divinity.

The Journey into the Heart meditations are a very special combination of guided meditation and music. The whole meditation CD is designed to activate the heart energy within you and bring healing at a cellular level. Exquisite sound effects of the Carillion crystal bowl, bells, chimes played form the backdrop for this transformative, meditative journey into the heart. Kerrace Alexander acts as a guide and facilitator, taking you on a one- on one magical journey into the heart while you rest there, you experience the beautiful, healing while the sounds words and energy anchor you into the core of your true self.

The music by Surya Devi, an exceptional musician forms the backing track in this RippleFX Journey into the Heart CD. As an intuitive sound musician, Surya firmly sets her intention to co-create sounds and music that are beneficial for all energetic beings. Residing in Vancouver, Surya is inspired daily by the super-natural surroundings of Canada’s Pacific Rim.

Surya has provided an exquisite contribution to the "Journey into the Heart" CD through nature sounds and harmonic sound effects throughout the CD. The journey intro Heart CD features crystal bowls, birdsong and water, features delicate, quartz crystal wind chimes and water effects brought together, from Spirit, as you listen to the spoken word and soundscapes, it opens the heart removes blockages allowing you to experience the full expression of your higher self, this CD has proven to be quite a profound Inner therapy.

Each CD is a journey of about 30 minutes long – a ‘healing’ that has been divinely inspired through Kerrace’s higher self as love in the recording studio in ‘one take’. Ideally, one dedicates time to receive the full healing from the Journey into the heart long version – for as long as you feel necessary to become heart centered recognizing the energy of your heart as your core energy signature that which is your higher self experiencing life on the physical plane, through the personality that is you, your 5 sense reality and your physical biological vehicle.

This meditation really guides you through a process to experience the full expression of who you are through the feeling sensations in your body and it is through the exploration of your feelings you identify your true self as an expression of emotions allowing your to become balanced in the creation of your life and daily activities. An excellent alternative to listening to the Journey into the Heart long version is to listen to the Journey into the heart short version once you have mastered the long version or before you begin your daily activities, the journey into the heart CD is a wonderful way to get you centered in the heart whenever, your needing assistance.

When you journey into the heart as the conscious mind expands and is realized, healing takes place at a very deep level.

I invite you to take a moment and listen to the "Journey into the Heart Introduction on the above video or purchase the full Journey into the Heart at the bottom below and the Journey into the Heart CD MP3 files will be sent to you upon receipt of payment by email.! If you would like a physical CD copy add an extra $4.00 for shipping and contact Kerrace@bigfishstrategies.com to order a copy directly. The journey into the heart awaits you!

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