Love Permeates All That Exists

By Kerrace Alexander

Unconditional Love is your Natural Inheritance.

Be still as you are nothing is required and know within your heart that this universe you inhabit is pure love.

You are a conscious being manifested into this 3rd dimensional reality to remember who you are in human form which is pure love.

You were born into this lifetime to develop your personality through the many gifts you have been given to share in the co-creation of a new earth that is yet to be born and to experience a life of joy through that which you create and manifest.

This consciousness that is you embodies a resonance of love that permeates from the human heart. The love that I speak of is love with no attachment but a deep connection to all that exits.

This Love that is you permeates all that exists on earth and in the universe in fact the universe is pure love expressing itself through you as consciousness.

This universe of love because it is so sensitive it is a vibration that can be moulded, conditioned, imprinted, directed and distorted in many forms.

This Love that I speak of finds it’s way to you through the awakening process it is a journey where one lets go of the ego and surrenders into the heart deepening your connection to all of life that is your being.

When you surrender into your being right here right now a resonance arises in your heart chakra pulsating like a heartbeat there is no thought present it is just being here in the moment in stillness at peace where the identity of you is not wanting needing or desiring in the moment everything that is needed is present.

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Artwork by Timothy Hegelson