Reclaim Your Power as Divine Inspiration

This transformational period of chaos we find ourselves in during this evolutionary cycle is about reclaiming our power(the inner observer-your ture self) which has been usurped for millennia. The chaos ensuing within this physical world system is designed to keep you (the inner observer-your ture self) distracted from reclaiming you and the power your wield to support your through challenges you may be facing in your life and work.

If anyone that you give credence to does not include this in their message or their teachings do not centre around your empowerment of your inner observer-your ture self. It is simply because they have not woken up to this fact within themselves! or they could be misusing their power to keep you disempowered away from your inner observer-true self. Now this can be anyone in your life as well (wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, co-worker, boss sibling, parent, etc) even those in your circle of influence.

I know this is a bold statement! But I say it in the context that we live in a cultural construct where many people tend to give credence to anyone who has a similar belief system to their own instead of giving credence to the inner observer-your ture self, identification with those who carry simliar belief systems can mae us feel safe and connected, but then you have to ask yourself who’s belief system is it anyway? Is it yours? that is a belief system that you have moulded and designed for yourself built on the premise of who you truly are?(inner observer your ture self) or is your belief system the result of the cultural operating system you were born into? You see what I mean it gets very tricky!

If any of this information resonates with you or irritates the hell out of you then there may be some truth here! if you think I am crazy for saying you have a right to reclaim your power and embrace the inner observer-your ture self to guide you through this maze, I don’t care it’s still the truth! It’s just that you are up against what I call interference or resistance! You have a right to your POWER (that inner observer-your ture self) don’t allow that which guides you cares for you and will support you every step of the way (the inner observer-your ture self) to be usurped by anyone as you will require it, if not now you will in the next moment you let your guard down!

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