How is The Mind like a "Computer Operating System?"

A simple way to understand the mind and how it operates is to think of a computer which has an underlying operating system that runs software programs for different tasks and functions.

Our brain is similar to the hardware a computer, hardware meaning the actual guts of the computer, what one can touch and feel: ie. hard drive, RAM, ROM etc. Our mind is the software loaded onto the hardware. Software is the programs loaded into the computer, Word, excel, email program, the browser for the internet.

Your mind software is literally all the information that has been and is still being collected over one’s life time that makes up who each of us is as a personality. From the day we are born we begin programming the software of our mind.

How we think, what we believe, how we are to feel, who we should be, who we should not be is all programmed into our minds. As time goes on we learn to speak, act and become this software. The software program is also another way of looking at our Ego or our personality.

The entire purpose for the creation of the software, that is our ego, is to guide and protect us. Its intention is to guide us toward love, joy and happiness and to move us away from suffering, pain and unhappiness. It is programmed primarily to act as our main guidance system.

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