Manifestation and the Law of Attraction

Your Internal Manifestation System which resides in your physical body is the operating system you need to create your reality.

It is your Internal Manifestation System that will guide you in making choices and decisions that are in alignment with your true desires, your life purpose, and what you want to create.

The Law of Attraction which has got a lot of attention lately, states that by harnessing the power of the mind we can create what we desire.

I have news for you it is a much richer and deeper process than that and so the real meaning behind the Law of Attraction has been lost in many respects. The Law of Attraction is really meant to be a mirror into what our soul is creating. The law of attraction shows us that what is coming to us is what we are inside. Thus it is not just about focusing on what you desire, but it is also about becoming what you desire to see in the world.

In all honesty the answer lies in "listening" yes listening to the sensations your Internal Manifestation System offers you. This internal manifestation system that resides within every human being provides you with a clear direction as to whether or not your thinking and energy are in alignment with your deepest desires and dreams.

The RippleFX Manifestation System teaches you the process of manifestation and how to understand, manage and over time master the energy of the body by understanding your current thoughts and the energy they create. This knowledge empowers you to change your thoughts and your vibration so that you can create the results you desire.

Mastering how your energy works using your Internal Manifestation System and putting it all together is the most powerful manifestation formula you will ever learn.

You’ve probably heard it all before: think positive thoughts and you will attract what you want in life, ("Think and Grow Rich"...). But perhaps you haven’t yet created the life of your dreams. In your search for that missing piece you may wonder: how do I know what my vibrational energy is and how do I change it?

The first step to manifestation is quite simple. Just recognize if you are “opening” or “closing” in response to your thought in that moment. As you become familiar with these different sensations, you can then choose a different thought in order to align your body energy with the energy of your desires.

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