How to Receive Abundance Through The Energy of Prosperity?

The Energy of Prosperity Coaching Program

The future seems to be a scary place these days. How are we to think about and face the future? What spiritual resources do we have? What creative powers are ours to shape what is ahead? What will the future bring?

Kerrace Alexander, spiritual facilitator, and author of the RippleFX Seven Stages of Manifestation System, The RippleFX Manifestation Reference Manual and the Energy is Prosperity Online Coaching Program will provide you with practical tools, resources and monthly online support system to create and manifest the life you want. “The wisdom resides with you” says Kerrace “I just help you to unleash the power within you that lies dormant so that you can begin to truly live the life you were meant to live.”

“I want everyone to join the Energy is Prosperity Community” says Kerrace “Because we are a community of individuals ready to reclaim our power and co-create the world we want to live in a world beyond what is possible.” The only questions I ask you along the way says Kerrace is “HOW FAR WILL YOU GO?”
As an "Energy is Prosperity Member" You'll Receive:

1. RippleFX Seven Stages of Manifestation System, a documented step by step system which outlines the process of manifesting all that you desire. Kerrace will work with you to learn the concepts, apply and integrate the steps in your everyday life.
Value: Priceless

2. 2. "Laser Prosperity Coaching" by Kerrace Alexander Two times per month, you will be coached by a spiritually aligned facilitator. During these coaching calls Kerrace will challenge you, inspire you, teach you, do intuitive readings and more. These calls will be 1 hour and every call will be recorded and available for replay. Value: $200

3. “Explosive Growth Prosperity Training” One time a month, Kerrace will provide Concrete Skills and Strategies to increase your Income. These calls will be held every month for 1 hour and these calls will be recorded and available for replay. Value: $200

4. “Get Your Questions Answered” Group Call were Kerrace will answer questions from LIVE Participants and Community Questions! These answers are packed full of insight, inspiration, cutting edge tools to transmute Fierce “Real-Life” Blocks into Breakthrough & manifestation! These calls are 30 minutes. Value: $150

5. Digital Recordings of ALL-THREE Calls! Experience New Depths of Insight when you listen to these Calls again and again! Take them with you on your iPod, CD, or MP3 Player (or just as an archive!) WOW!. Value: $300

6. Exclusive “Members Only” site 24/7 Access to Areas Of Energy is Prosperity that supports your Emerging Prosperity and Purpose! Be among those who are cultivating the Transform their lives"! Value: $100

BONUS Exclusive Access to Private Calendar for Kerrace
Revolutionary Coaching Sessions
(Cost is extra but Discounted for You!)
THESE WILL SELL-OUT so book early!)
Value: Priceless (you’ll understand why!)
BONUS Individual, and Group Intention Meditations in every call.
Value: Priceless

All of the above for a Monthly Subscription of $97.00 per month. If you are not satisfied with the Energy is Prosperity Coaching Program you can cancel your Energy is Prosperity online coaching program membership subscription at any time with no further obligation.

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