Free Webinars Weekly How Can the Energy of Prosperity Transform Your Life?

In this 60 minute online webinar Kerrace Alexander, spiritual teacher, facilitator and author of The RippleFX Manifestation System Reference Manual and the RippleFX Energy is Prosperity Online Coaching Program will begin to show you how to discover how to successfully and effectively evaporate your blocks to attracting money, success and meaningful relationships.

There seems to be an almost universal reaction to prosperity. You can never have enough. This is a vicious circle. When you experience a true financial challenge you surround your circumstances with an additional fear that only causes you to block your energy.

What are some of the blocks that exist that do not allow us to have prosperity and abundance in our lives? Believe it or not many of us are actually uncomfortable with money. Money is a powerful energy.

Money allows or disallows us to do live our dreams and desires. One of the major blocks of abundance is guilt. When we have a flow of abundance we feel guilty of having money. We are holding on to negative judgments and beliefs about money and abundance.

In this 60 minute highly experiential webinar, you will learn:

How to recognize the influences in the stages of manifestation
How your ability to manifest is the result of patterns in your personal energy system.
How to take action that is sensitive, thoughtful and effective.
How to gain an embodied understanding of principles and tools that help you learn from the past and act in the present, while setting up conditions for a positive future.

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