What is the Energy of Prosperity?

Prosperity like anything else is simply energy. It is actually an energetic force that flows from one person to another just like any other energy that is sent out and received.

What stops the flow of prosperity back to you? It is simply a fear of energy overriding all others. The fear that it will disappear. This fear stops the circulation or the flow of prosperity energy. If you are not sending out – nothing will be returned. The result of this is that you never feel like you have enough.

There seems to be an almost universal reaction to prosperity. You can never have enough. This is a vicious circle. When you experience a true financial challenge you surround your circumstances with an additional fear that only causes you to block your energy.

What are some of the blocks that exist that do not allow us to have prosperity and abundance in our lives? Believe it or not many of us are actually uncomfortable with money. Money is a powerful energy.

Money allows or disallows us to do live our dreams and desires. One of the major blocks of abundance is guilt. When we have a flow of abundance we feel guilty of having money. We are holding on to negative judgments and beliefs about money and abundance.

You do not have to have money to have this block. Many who do not have an abundance waterfall have the same guilt. I am not worthy. If you have abundance you are self serving. Money only makes you greedy. This block has to be removed if we are going to have the waterfall of abundance. Think of prosperity or money as spiritual energy in action to begin to remove this block. Because only when you remove this block and begin to believe that you deserve the abundance of prosperity will you be able to draw the prosperity to you.

There are two different types of energies at work here. There is magnetic energy and dynamic energy. Magnetic energy draws abundance to you. The more you work with magnetic energy the more you will be able to attract abundance to you. Begin to practice magnetic visualization of prosperity by visualizing what it would be like to have an unlimited amount of money. What would you do with it? How would you benefit others with it? Begin to see the waterfall of abundance flowing over to your family, friends and community. This begins to have the effect of a spiritual mind treatment of removing the guilt block.

After you practice this visualization for some time, close your eyes and visualize a spinning silver orb in front of your face. Using belly breathing direct your breath into the orb. Feel as though you a magnet drawing your money from the orb into your self. Let go of any thoughts about or resistance to the impossibility of this or the feelings that you do not deserve and simply let the good feelings of having what you want permeate every cell of your body, creating a sense of joy.

Okay it is one thing to visualize this but how do you make it a reality. Visualization is one thing, having the abundance is another. Another block – the I don't deserve it block. Fear holds you back. Let's go back to the silver orb and see your abundance visualization. What would have to happen in the physical world for that to be a reality? We are not talking about the dream of lottery winnings here.

We are talking dream job or creative new business idea. This is work. What is the first step? Getting the new job? Take a deep breath “I deserve a job that I love and am excited about”, “I deserve to be financially rewarded for my value”, and “I am talented and deserve to have the physical and financial support to manifest my creative business idea”. Sound far fetched to begin repeating affirmations or power mantra's. Not really.

Try this in front of a mirror. Do the deep breath and start repeating these mantra's to yourself. The more you repeat them, the more you practice them, the more you begin to believe them. This is dynamic energy. When you repeat an action on a daily basis you are creating a spiritual mind treatment to remove the block. Remember we were talking about a block to receive prosperity here that was embedded within you.

The more that you allow yourself to receive, the more you will receive. Another block. Not taking responsibility for creating what you desire. You have to start the ball rolling here. No one can do that for you and no one will. It is your dream, your visualization that is being worked on – not someone else. You need to take the initiative to begin to change the internal reasons that the Law of Attraction and manifestation does not work for you.

I realize that everyone wants the quick and easy fix. The reality is that unless you are willing to do some work the waterfall of abundance is going to flow around you but never over you.. You have to jump in with both feet if you want to manifest any desire that you have. There are a number of other blocks that each of us have created ourselves from our experiences as to why we do not allow the flow of energy to us.

As I said before, abundance, prosperity, money – these are all just simply energy. Anyone can tap into that flow of energy and have it cascade down over themselves. I always liken it to the age old description of our bodies being like antenna's that have to be fine tuned in if we want to receive the optimum flow of energy. By removing the blocks that we have set up ourselves, we are fine tuning into the energy vibration of abundance.

Remember that every thought you think is a psychic energy. Every thought affects your abundance. Every though is carried on a psychic level and attracts its like on a psychic level. Every thought has a magnetic property associated with it. So every thought you have that is prosperous will attract prosperity. Re-programming your mind and sublimating negative thought energies by establishing positive thought patterns is key.

A simple power mantra is “In the perfect mind of the universe, financial prosperity is mine already...this moment....and I give thanks that so it is.” Simple but highly effective. It is changing a number of thought patterns in one simple mantra.

Let's just try this mental Magnetism technique in action here. I want you to regard your mind as being a magnet and having magnetism to attract things to you from the psychic energy flow. Breath a controlled whisper breath by breathing in through your nose with the tip of your tongue touching the roof of your mouth and exhale slowly through your mouth. Let your eyes close softly and relax as you simply concentrate fully upon the idea that your mind is a mental magnet and that you possess the mental and psychic magnetism to draw money and prosperity to you.

In your mind see and imagine yourself sitting in the space you now occupy. Imagine that floating through the air toward you is a twenty dollar bill. Draw it to you. Don't try to figure out how it is getting to you in the physical reality. Simply imagine that you are drawing a twenty dollar bill to you. Imagine now that there are 100's of twenty dollar bills coming towards you. They are following the single bill you have drawn to you. Imagine as a cascade of bills are now coming to you while you continue to breath in through your mouth and exhale slowly. A waterfall flowing down over you. Begin to repeat “The Universe is my supply and my account is supplied to meet my every need.” When you are ready slowly return to your physical thought while still holding the essence of the treatment.

Try it out and see what happens!

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