What is The Secret Behind The Secret of The Law of Attraction?

Bigfish Strategies offers the missing link in the law of attraction

Over the past few years, “The Secret” of the Law of Attraction has intrigued millions of people and stirred debate about whether our thoughts actually create our reality. But before I go into more detail about the secret behind the secret of the law of attraction let me introduce myself. I am an inspirational speaker, facilitator, and creator of The RippleFX Energy Coaching System, which offers a unique and powerful perspective on how the Law of Attraction works and how to use it effectively in your daily life. I believe the key to creating your reality, is by accessing your own Internal Guidance System to align your body energy with your true desires.

You see “Manifestation isn’t just about thinking positive thoughts, I believe that in order to attract what you want into your life, the energy of your body must be in a vibrational match with your desires. Your Internal Guidance System which each and everyone of us has lets you know what your vibrational energy is so monitor and adjust your energy to match what it is you are wanting to manifest in your work and life.

You see every human being is receiving messages from their Internal Guidance System (sometimes called God, Spirit, or the Divine) on an ongoing basis -- it’s just that we have not been taught how to recognize and interpret this guidance. The RippleFX Energy Coaching System that I have developed teaches you how to use your Internal Guidance System to recognize and interpret these messages and to discern what reality you are creating with your thoughts and why.

Now your Internal Guidance System communicates through physical sensations that are in response to your own thoughts and lets you know if your thoughts are in alignment with what you want and what is your purpose. You experience these sensations in your physical body. Thoughts that are in alignment with your desires expand your bodily energy, creating an “opening” sensation -- a feeling of lightness or expansion. When your thoughts are leading you away from your purpose and your true desires, your Internal Guidance System offers a “closing” sensation – an experience of constriction, tightness, and anxiety. However you can shift your thoughts – and thus your reality – by finding desires that open you.

I truly believe that “Understanding and using your Internal Guidance System is a huge breakthrough in working with the power of your mind. “As you begin to recognize your opening and closing sensations, you are able to monitor your thoughts on a moment-to-moment basis. You don’t have to go off to meditate for an hour to receive divine guidance; you can know instantly if your thoughts are taking you on the path that is right for you. If your thoughts are causing you to shrink or contract, you can learn to move into thoughts that will open you again.”

I find that when clients practice of the RippleFX Energy Coaching System it supports them in the process of using their Internal Guidance System to create the reality they desire. By working with the RippleFX Manifestation Formula, you can become clear on what you desire, what beliefs, intentions, or emotions may be getting in your way, and what may be blocking your ability to receive and allow what you want and desire in your work and life.

In closing “The RippleFX Energy Coaching System is a process of awakening you to your creativity at the highest level possible, using the universal Law of Attraction and the power of our thoughts and emotions to receive and allow rather than “make things happen.” RippleFX Energy System is not just a system or a set of tools; rather, it is a way of being that enables us to live our lives “in the flow,” feeling relaxed, confident, grateful, and happy.”

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