What are the Benefits of Transformational Facilitation?

In Transformational facilitation, people learn tangible skills to clear negative beliefs, patterns and emotions so that they can live fully present in the here and now while becoming empowered to create rich, satisfying lives. Some of these practices include mindfulness training; both internal (somatics) and external, paying attention to how we are languaging our world through conscious languaging and inquiry as well as journalling, and other creative processes which help train the brain to develop new patterns of thinking.

I work with people who hunger for deeper levels of fulfillment; people who want to deepen their connection to themselves and others, people who are committed to living in alignment with their heart, values, gifts and dreams. The people I facilitate have a strong desire and willingness to dig deep within to determine what it takes to make that happen. My job, as facilitator, is to help people see themselves- their lives, values, gifts, dreams, desires and even their "stories" more fully so they can transform old tales into new beginnings. Being "the best they can be" is a byproduct of balancing the inner and outer aspects of being, having and doing.

Many people who come to me come because they want more out of lives and of themselves. They know they need to remove the inner barriers, cultivate deeper awareness and move into their highest knowing although they may not know how to do this.

My clients know the benefits of a relationship that holds them accountable to the standards they set for themselves. They are committed to change that engenders sustainability. They know that for this to happen, shifts need to occur in how they think, act, and feel in order to bring them into alignment with who they really are, at the core of their being.

In our facilitation sessions we look at how your life is currently structured and determine what areas of your life you would like to have more fulfillment. We recognize that each person is already whole, capable and resourceful and utilize a process of inquiry to access the highest truth. We design personal practices that increase awareness of patterns and help to establish new practices. When approaching life from this perspective, people are able to gain greater access to their greatness and what they are truly capable of.

Transformational facilitation integrates traditional coaching concepts with spiritual practices, advanced technologies, and creative expression. The combination of these techniques helps facilitate transformation at the deepest levels while providing people with the support needed to live fully balanced and purposeful lives.

If any of this information resonates with you and you would like to learn more about how I can help you! Please contact me Kerrace at: Bigfishstrategies@gmail.com