What is Spiritual Ascension?

Ascension is ultimately a physical process that this universe, and by this universe I mean the physical matter in this universe, undergoes.

Ascension is a sort of "change of state" or phase transition akin to what happens when ice melts to water.

Ascension is a fundamental shift in the material composition of the physical universe that allows Spirit incarnated in the physical body (that would be you and me) to more efficiently and effectively create this physical universe.

Ascension is occurring right now and is being led by an energetic interplay of life on this planet.

Ascension will lead, all other things being equal, to an increase in your ability to "manifest." This manifestation, or "co-creation" as some call it, will be guided by the principle as above , so below . That is, the ideas in your head, whether you are conscious or not, will manifest in the world around you.

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