What is the Relationship between Personality and Illness?

There exists a correlation between one's genetic personality and illnesses, behavioural patterns and weak sites which can be determined by personality traits and characteristics.

At Bigfish Strategies we believe Illness is a psycho-spiritual crisis involving the mind, the body, and the soul, rather than being the result of external factors such as viruses, bacterial infections and environmental contaminants.

The diagnostic process in treating illness is now taking into consideration hidden contributors such as personality, thoughts, emotions, attitudes, and beliefs. Allowing us to look at the direct connection between how the mental body affects the physical body.

People are now being educated on what they can do to improve their health, reverse the aging process, manage stress, and eliminate chronic illnesses. This will allow treatment, to be about illness prevention, rather than being crisis intervention treating symptoms and relieving pain and discomfort Instead.

Now lets look at healing and curing as they are not the same in either approach nor in outcome. Curing seeks to fix the body and restore it back to where it was before it became ill. Healing seeks to make it better than it was before it became ill by removing the obstacles preventing the mind, the body, and the soul from creating good health.

Living a lifestyle conducive to good health, is a process of making healthy choices, engaging in healthy relationships, and doing something each day to give the soul what it needs, which is to grow personally and evolve spiritually. When we approach health this way we see health as being a process rather than focus on results.

It was Edgar Cayce who said, "Healing of the physical without the change in the mental and spiritual aspects brings little real help to the individual in the end. This is because the mind and the body imprint and imitate each other. What we think, we become. What we become, we think. It's an insidious process that can predispose us to illness or it can lead us to health.

If healing is your choice, then you have the power to heal yourself - The physical body is designed for self-healing. It comes equipped with a defence system that will ward off the external and internal contributors to illness. It's designed for self-regeneration by creating new healthy cells daily. It's designed to repair and revitalize itself. All you have to do is stay out of it's way by not creating obstacles and preventing it from doing its job.

Remember only you can heal yourself. No one else can - Healing is a personal journey of self-discovery and personal development. No one else can experience your emotions or understand the workings of your mind. No one else can create your thoughts. Others can help you recognize unhealthy thoughts, but only you can change them. You are your own best healer.

So where do we begin we begin by Healing the soul first, then the healing of the mind and body will take place. While the perspective of medicine is to heal the body first, the psycho-spiritual perspective reminds us to heal the soul first, for it's the source of your being and is the spiritual nature that animates your mind and body. If you begin here, then the mind and the body will heal simultaneously. What are the needs of the soul? They are to live joyfully, passionately, purposefully and to express these qualities in what you think, what you say and what you do.

In all honesty only love heals because the energy love carries within it an incredible healing power. When you send love to any part of your body that's hurting or not functioning properly it engages the healing powers of the soul and the mind. The mind shifts its attention from identifying a problem to finding solutions to heal the problem. The soul embraces that part of the body and floods it with the healing energy of love.

In addition the power of forgiveness creates the space for love in the heart - When your heart is full of fear or anger, sadness, or despair, there's no space for love, and without love it's difficult to remain healthy. While love is associated with the soul, forgiveness is associated with the mind, and represents the release of the emotional charges attached to hurtful thoughts. The thoughts we are referring to are the thoughts that create victim behaviour and cause you to live life tentatively rather than fully.

Remember the journey of life is one of change and the journey of healing is one of change. Change is what happens from one thought to another. It's what reshapes your thinking and moves you from the past into the present and from the present into the future. The first step in healing is forgiveness. The next step is love.

Make change your action plan allowing you to focus on what you want rather than what you don't want, Healing works with the Law of Attraction, The best way to see whether your thoughts are healthy is to look at your lifestyle, your relationships, and your health. If what you see isn't what you want, then change it. When you do, healing is the outcome.

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