What is The RippleFX Life Energy System?

The RippleFX Life Energy is that system consists of four modules and is an easy to follow, step-by-step guide to discovering your most passionate, interesting and true self and it comes with a bonus I will work with you every step of the way to support you through the process.

The RippleFX Life Energy System helps you determine:

What's really going on in the world right now?
What's important to you?
What's your true purpose in life?
What are you really meant to be doing while your here?
what do you truly value?
What's blocking you from achieving your dreams and desires for work and life?

Then the System shows you how to create your personal life manual that is unique to you, along with a plan of action that is in alignment with your values to achieve your goals in work and life beyond what you could have ever imagined for yourself.

We can all agree that our current physical world system is in an intense phase of transition and transformation. You may be asking yourself. How do I face a future of uncertainty? What tools and resources do I have to support me during these times?

We all must come to the understanding that we are all moving together into a new state of being. This new state of being requires therefore that we physically, mentally and emotionally let go of 3rd dimensional concepts. Just as in death, the letting go is a major part of the change process, for one cannot take the old values and way of being into a new completely different afterlife. So the progression through changes compels us to let go of current relationships, jobs, careers, homes, possessions, and so on, if they are unable to support our new way of being.

Is it any wonder therefore, that there is a great deal of anxiety and fear being felt in our physical world system because these changes are already in progress, even though most people are not conscious of it. Also, the changes to our physiological makeup are currently speeding up and there are many temporary physical symptoms that are occurring in our bodies as a consequence of this.

Life is accelerating and we are becoming acutely sensitive to the information that's encoded in energy. We need methods for translating this invisible guidance. This is a dramatic time—when many of us are “frequency-sorting,” deciding who we want to be, who we want as friends and colleagues, and what we want our life to feel like. We're letting go of old, ineffective habits and toxic people. We’re chafing at any reality that’s too limiting.

Now regardless of what is going on outside of us on the external I believe we are all born with the potential to navigate effectively through this transitional period.

That is why I have developed the RippleFX Life Energy System a step by step process that allows you to develop your own personal reference manual to help you navigate and live your life purpose.

With the creation of your operating manual in hand it will allow you to tap into your potential and live life to its fullest, with integrity, focus and self-determination. By going through this process you will discover a sense of purpose, inner strength and freedom you never imagined possible. You’ll become more aware of where you are going and how to get there. Life will cease to be something that just happens to you as you sit back passively. Instead, you will learn to be the pilot of your own plane, fly your own flight plan and take flight.

Now at this point I know this may sound beyond your reach, but I encourage you to tell yourself, as I always do when I’m faced with a challenge, “I am in the process of manifesting all that I desire.” You’ll be amazed at how well this works. If you say it enough, you’ll begin to believe it.
RippleFX Life Energy System Manual

Life inevitably comes with challenges. More demands and less time can really move us off course... and sometimes, we need a system to keep track of what it is we truly value, what we actually want, and where we're headed.

This process is so powerful that I work with people all over the world through weekly tele conference calls in fact we develop a program that suites your needs and requirement based on our 4 month program for individuals or our 6 month program for business owners.

If any of this information resonates with you and you would like to learn more about our service offerings which include consulting and coaching/facilitation packages please contact Kerrace at: