Bigfish Strategies Company Overview

What We Do?

We work with individuals who are serious about living life without fear.

We teach individuals that the essential aspect of living and loving without fear is to transcend fear and illusion or ego-based states of consciousness in the physical world system that we live in to a heart centered real world system based on unconditional love.

In a nutshell at Bigfish Streategies we are "Systems Busters".

We comprehend on many levels the physical world system that we currently live in which is based on fear and illusion and we have a comprehensive understanding of the real world system that we all come from and the fact that we are spiritual beings incarnated on earth to assist the physical universe in the process of ascension. If this sounds a bit out there for some of you well so be it! If there is some truth here for some of you then please read on.

Bigfish Strategies Inc. provides the consulting mentoring, and facilitation of the RippleFx Teachings and RippleFX Healing System which takes individuals like you through the process of living life without fear.

You see the RippleFx system is a spiritual system that provides answers to some of the big spiritual question while facilitating sspiritual awakening and then acts as a bridge between the physical world system that you live in and the real world system that you come from and it makes the journey a little more comfortable. I will explain what I mean about the physical world and the real world in future posts or please feel free to email me if you have any immediate questions.

Now the RippleFx Teachings consists of seven modules. I will go into that in more detail as well in future posts but let me just finish with a little bit of information about myself.

My name is Kerrace Alexander, I am the one who developed the RippleFx Teachings and the RippleFX Healing System and Bigfish Strategies Inc is my company. The company was incorporated on Valentines Day! February 14, 2005. in all honesty I was not conscious of the date or the symbolic meaning that date would bring to the company. The RippleFX curriculum that I developed until about 2 years ago, because in all honesty I was not ready to teach from a heart centered space it is something I had to nurture and grow into, and so now I teach people how to live from the human heart. All I can say is everything is truly in divine order.

In closing I have to say that it is only through my own personal spiritual awakening that I was able to develop the RippleFx Teachings and RippleFX Healing System and it is my wish that it provides you with the gifts of love joy, abundance and spiritual freedom to create the life you want to live without fear.

If any of this information resonates with you please feel free to contact me about the RippleFX Teachings/RippleFX Healing Systems or to set up a time for a RippleFX Reslience Primer consultation.