What are Spiritual Awakening and Ascension Symptoms?

Now, before we get into a discussion of ascension symptoms , we need to make an important distinction. We need to distinguish between "awakening" (and awakening symptoms) and "ascension" (and ascension symptoms).

Writers who write about "ascension symptoms" almost always get these two things confused telling you all about ascension symptoms when they are really talking about awakening symptoms.

It's not their failure. In truth, it is hard to distinguish ascension from awakening. The problem is, the two always occur together. These days, when you begin the process of awakening, you also begin the process of ascension. Conversely, when you begin the process of ascension, you also start to wake up. The two go hand in hand; but, they are different. So what's the difference? Well, thankfully it is not rocket science. Spiritual awakening is essentially about returning your body to the full consciousness of your full spiritual light. When you awaken, your mind expands (think of it like a balloon expanding with light) to allow more of your higher consciousness in. You can also think of it via a Water Glass Metaphor.

If you think of your body as an empty vessel (i.e. a water glass), and your consciousness as water in a jug, then awakening is filling up your body (i.e. your water glass) with your own conscious self (i.e. the water from the jug). Now, although the idea of awakening is easy to conceive, the process of awakening can be difficult. For reasons I outline elsewhere, awaking is often a challenging process.

When you awaken, your body and mind clear emotions, clear karma, fears, and generally gets rid of a few thousand years of negative experience and programming. It's this clearing process that provides the symptomontology of awakening and it's this clearing process that most writers confuse for ascension.

So what are the symptoms of this awakening/clearing process? Well, in the early stages of awakening you will probably experience one or more of the following symptoms which you may or may not understand.

•intense emotional responses like sadness or anger. This occurs as you begin to touch buried systems with highly charged emotional content. You may be aware of the root of the emotions, or not. If not you should endeavor to bring to the surface whatever it is that is causing your emotional response.

•spontaneous chakra activations. Vibrations and thrumming in the locations of your chakras. This is generally a good sign and shows that you have made significant progress in clearing chakra blockages.

•weird thoughts and visions and the feeling that you might be going crazy. This happens as your brain "lights up" under the influence of it's higher consciousness. It's like blowing oxygen onto a candle flame. It flares up, sputters, and burns brighter. This is a good thing if your thoughts are controlled and you can avoid dwelling on fear and negativity, but it's a bad thing if you find yourself caught up in negative thought patterns. Watch out! You don't want to stick with those negative thought patterns. Negative thought patterns have a tendency of turning your awakening process sour.

•psychological disorientation caused by difficulty processing all the additional information you get from enhanced consciousness and awareness of the world. Sometimes spiritual awakening is accompanied by rapid information flow. It's like somebody suddenly turned a fire hose on in your brain. Once again this is an issue of control. This is not something you want to continue. It is important to get control of your thinking processes.

Once you're past the early stages of awakening (which can take as long as a few months or as little as a few minutes) depending on a) your response to issues and blockages and b) your ability to control your awakening mind, then a longer period of integration begins. When this occurs, your awakenig symptoms will change. During this intermediate period you may experience one or more of the following "symptoms."

•increased awareness of "the problems" in the world. As you awaken you are going to notice more of what's wrong around you. This may be in your personal life, your social life, even your national life. When you do start to notice it, you may initially feel like you are a bit crazy since you'll find that the people around you either a) don't notice or, if they do notice b) pretend not to notice. Just remember these words. The more awake and aware you are, the more sane and grounded you are. Don't plug yourself back into the matrix just because everybody else around you is still stuck.

•increased desire to know what is going on (in Iran, in America, in the universe, with the weather, with other people friends, etc). This is related to the increased awareness noted above. This increased desire to know arises as you start to realize that, despite what the new agers want to tell you, something is horribly wrong on this planet.

Pedophilia, child starvation, war, disease, global poverty, and an ecological crises that gets closer to disaster every day. You're going to start to see this and you're going to want to know. Be careful here, there's a lot of paranoid "news" sites designed specifically to trap you at this stage with sensationalized and fear based accounts of this world. Avoid those sites like the plague that they are, at least until you are certain that you are able to stay level headed and grounded in the paranoid energies that are invoked by those places.

•increased impatience with the "stuckness" of the people around you. You'll be frustrated by the fact that people around you don't seem interested in doing anything other than what they've always done in the past. This "status quo" existence will look silly and feel unsatisfying to you, especially as you become aware of the true nature of this world.

•increased ability to perceive deeper levels of reality. This is as you become adept at using the higher faculties opened up by proper chakra activation. You have to be careful here because this increased ability to perceive "deep reality" can cause some fear. You may start finding "meaning" in a lot of things in your life (like the orientation of books on your book shelf, or the shirts some other people are wearing) that normally wouldn't have any significance at all. It is find to find meaning in the details of life, but recognize that sometimes it's just a coincidence and there is no meaning at all. This is something you will have to get control over otherwise fear and paranoia may result.

•gradual elimination of the "ostrich" phenomenon (i.e., decreased tolerance for wrongs perpetrated against yourself or others). The farther you progress in your awakening process, the less you are going to be able to sit around doing nothing.

The more awake you are, the more pressure you are going to feel to do something about it. If you want my advice, don't ignore that feeling. Find a way to get active in creating positive change in your life, your community, your country.

•gentle changes in diet. A slow move away from high caloric intakes and meat-based diets to a greater reliance on fruit, vegetables, etc.

•increased sensitivity to toxins (emotional, psychic, physical, etc.) in your environment

•increased sensitivity to clutter and disorganization
Of course, your particular symptomatology of awakening may be slightly different.

However, if you keep in mind that this awakening process is really about an expansion of consciousness and awareness, you should be able to fit your idiosyncratic constellation of symptoms in place.

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