What is a Spiritual System?

A Spiritual System is basically someone’s (or some group’s) systematic (and usually institutionalized) attempt to answer the big spiritual questions.

By this definition you will see that currently there are several dozen Spiritual Systems that exist in this world.

These Spiritual Systems include Mass Systems like Catholicism, Buddhism, Taoism, etc., Elite Systems like Masonry, Scientology, and various “old boy” privately illuminated "secret" clubs.

Even aspects of modern science can be classed as a Spiritual System. Whenever science, with its primitive methodologies and narrow vision of creation, attempts to answer the Big Questions, it becomes, for better or worse, a Spiritual System.

Mass Spiritual Systems and Elite Spiritual Systems are one of two broad classifications of Spiritual Systems that I would like to call Old World Spiritual Systems. Old World Spiritual Systems, based on Old World Spirituality. These systems arise as a result of the limited and partial understandings characteristic of “veiled consciousness.” In other words, Old World Spiritualities arise as a result of Normal Consciousness. As such, Old World Spiritualities are limiting and offer limited understanding of the core truths and spiritual questions of creation.

Spiritual Systems are not static entities and change over time in order to accommodate and survive historical change. However, it is expected that with the expansion of consciousness into The Body, extisting spiritual systems will decline and disintegrate.

Interim systems (known as New World Systems) will emerge that will bridge the gap between the limited understanding of Old World Systems and full consciousness and full understanding characteristic of fully embodied consciousness.

However, after only a short period of time, even New World Systems will collapse and be replaced by internally derived, and universally consistent, understanding of the Big Questions individually and collectively expressed with all the scintillating glory present in the Fabric of Consciousness.

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