What is the RippleFX Resilience Primer?

The RippleFX Resilience Primer is an introductory session for one hour.

It is a one on one session with Kerrace about you.

It is also a personal evaluation/alignment session to see what your needs and wants are and also to tune in to see what is needed on your journey toward living and loving without fear.

The session will provide us with a direction to start as well as what is needed on a soul level should you determine this is a good time for you to begin or continue your spiritual awakening journey with me.

This session, also looks at what is coming up and how to best structure your energy, focus and awareness.

All sessions are done through sykpe, however if you don't have skype we can schedule a teleconference.

We charge a $55.00 pre-paid/non refundable fee for the 30 minute session. Please feel free to contact me to set up a mutually beneficial time for us to connect to my attention Kerrace at email address:

Please know that if you decide to continue with this program our focus will be on your spiritual awakening and empowerment.

In the RippleFX teachings we use practical integration of esoteric wisdom, metaphysical principles, and with the RippleFX Healing Ssytems we use meditation, intuition development, energy alignment and balancing, self development and emotionally clearing with re-patterning.

I see a very broad range of clients for healing consultations. A healing session might be for a physical ailment, emotional issue or purely spiritual in nature.
I am going to provide you with three example to explain the three main areas of focus RippleFX Resilience Healings sessions for the work I do with clients.

Physical healings - The RippleFX Resilience Healing provides extraordinary results working with a range of physical conditions - everything from cancer to arthritis to broken bones and cuts. A RippleFX Resilience Healing can aid in the treatment of all conditions - often in conjunction with Western medicine or other alternative treatments. The only pre-requisite to receiving a highly successful healing is a genuine desire on your part to get better.

Emotional healings - Many people feel that they are being blocked in some area of their life. Typical blocks may be fears, phobia’s or limiting beliefs about relationships or abundance. I work with people dealing with grief, depression or anxiety - providing fantastic results. We will work with the core themes that impact your behaviour.

Spiritual healings - Many people who benefit from RippleFX Resilience healings have no physical or emotional "condition". However they may have just a sense that there is something holding them back, or something more they could be achieving in their lives. Sometimes people are being held back by a block which is energetic or spiritual in origin. Some people may be seeking spiritual development (aiding the journey of the soul) by eliminating karma and clearing old spiritual blocks. I can help you identify and remove unconscious blocks through the RippleFX Resilience healing technique.

Please note that I provide a tiered approach with a balance of theory for comprehension and practical application. I will be there to assist, coach, guide and walk with you on your journey of spiritual of living and loving without fear. Sometimes it just helps to know someone is there on a regular basis. Please know that each program is individually tailored to your needs and level I just ask continue to ask the same question along the way “ How Far are you willing to go”?

If you would like more information on the RippleFX Resilience healing system ; or if you would like to book a private introductory session of the RippleFX Resilience Primer please email me at: When emailing please include the day and time that is best for you to have our one on one session.