What is the RippleFX Journey

So you want to learn more. Awesome! Well, the first thing that you need to know is that this is the home of The RippleFX Path

And what is the RippleFX Journey?

So you want to learn more. Awesome! Well, the first thing that you need to know is that this is the home of The RippleFX Journey.

And what is the RippleFX Journey?

Well, the RippleFX Journey is the name for my non-denominational system of living and loving without fear. The system consists of a graded course of study designed to move you out of spiritual darkness and confusion and into the full light of day. If that sounds mystical and out there for you, basically I'm going to help you take your blindfold off.

And how do I propose to do that?

By reminding you of the awesome Truth basically.
By reminding you of who are and what you are doing here, by providing you with guidance and technique to ensure you stay grounded and stable throughout the process of awakening to your higher power, and by teaching you skills and techniques that you can use to help others do the same. And that is all there is to it.

Now, I know it doesn't sound like much. I know that, depending on your spiritual background (or lack thereof), you will be expecting excruciating difficulty, grinding moral testing, difficult evolutionary challenges, convoluted philosophical rocket science, unforgiving judgment, or horrible consequences for failure.

I know that you might even be expecting beams from the galaxy center, Christ, lightships, magical pole shifts, or mystical evolutionary advances to handle the whole thing for you. Unfortunately, that's all a bunch of confused, marketing. The truth is, the power is within you and as soon as you know that, as soon as you remember who you are, and as soon as you understand it all starts with you, then everything begins to change.

It is that easy, and it is up to you.

You can continue to do what you've been socialized to do and look outside yourself to Christ, lightships, the "great white brotherhood" or whatever for salvation, or you can follow my advice, turn to yourself, and begin the process of filling up the vessel with the light of your own higher consciousness, but know that It's your choice.

If you find yourself still intrigued, then have a look at some of the core philosophical tenants of the RippleFX System familiarize yourself with the various levels of study, and then jump right in by starting with the RippleFX Spiritual Awakening Primer.

I won't kid you, there is a ton of material here and more is coming every day. However it is well organized and thought out and the end result is the removal of the blindfold, the disintegration of the veil or, if you prefer, your spiritual and psychological freedom from the chains of old world system of thinking. It is definitely worth the time and effort you will put in.

The only question you ever need to ask yourself on your spiritual awakening journey and the question we ask you along the way is How Far Will You Go?

If any of this information resonates with you please feel free to contact me about the RippleFX Teachings/RippleFX Healing Systems or to set up a time for a RippleFX Reslience Primer consultation.