The Next Step in Human Evolution is to Learn "The Universal Language of Love"

Humanity at this particular time in history is being asked to learn this universal language of love as the next step in it’s evolutionary process.

I believe a universal language of love permeates all that exists. This universal language of love is subtle yet it is pure to its core which gives it an undeniable strength, it can never be tainted or penetrated.

The universal language of love is experienced as the conscious entity within each and every human being and emanates from the human heart. Once you experience the truth of who you are from the human heart which is unconditional love on an individual level, then the universal language of love can be remembered, learned, and integrated on a collective level allowing the physical world consciousness to come into balance through the heart of the earth and then the world can come into alignment with the cosmic heart of the universe.

The accessibility to learning the universal language of unconditional love has traditionally been available to saints, mystics and prophets, such as Buddah, Jesus and is now available to all of humanity at this time it is a part of the physical world’s evolutionary cycle. You see unconditional love is our natural inheritance yet it has never been available to be experienced in the physical world on a massive scale up until now, so you could say it is a wonderful time to be alive.

The language of love in the physical world we currently live in is a love based on separation and fragmentation which does not allow for the full interpretation of love to be explored or experienced from a physical perspective.

This is why the physical language of love has become difficult for it to maintain its integrity in the physical world and that is why our world is going through a re-birthing process as part of it’s evolutionary cycle. This evolutionary cycle is a natural process of evolution in order to bring all the fragmented pieces of the physical language of love together into wholeness.

The current state of our external reality is a reflection of the process that we are currently undergoing. This can be seen by the many fragmented individual and world views, social conditioning, breaking down of individual, social, economic and governmental structures and systems, greed is becoming a construct in the fabric of the physical culture and world structure for example, national and international agendas in the accumulation of power and wealth and the acquisition and depletion of rich and poor countries natural resources.

It is not that the pieces of love are not present in the physical world to make the change needed it is that we have not learned how to use the real world language of love as a catalyst for change. We have not learned the real world language of love to solve our problems.

In order to help the physical world consciousness begin to bring the pieces of fragmented love held in physical world consciousness together, Universal Intelligence is attempting to communicate with individuals who live in the Earth. This communication is extremely advanced, and it will take some time for physical world consciousness to begin to communicate at this level but the process is currently underway.

The purpose of advancing physical communication to a universal level is to end separation, and to bring the fragmented pieces of love that exist within physical consciousness into wholeness.

When we learn how to speak the language of love at a universal level we will be able to co-create a world that supports the earth and it’s inhabitants in order to build a sustainable future.

The thoughts that surround the fragmented pieces of physical Love are beliefs. These beliefs are projected through the lens of fear. The primary purpose in the evolution of humanity at this time is to learn that fear is not useful, and that it is not real. Once fear is exposed physical world consciousness can begin to realize there is another way.

When fear is not used for protection, there is no need for war, conflict, hate, weapons, protecting children, disease, depression etc., when we see the world though the lens of love, this new beginning is the one that ushers in global peace. Because peace is the conductor of Love, and because only Love is real, then consciousness evolves, as does the Earth.

The purpose of a universal language of love is not to destroy belief, but to help it evolve into a new understanding. A new understanding will allow the world access to a way of being together and co-creating a world that it can only guess at, because the physical intellect and it’s current belief system does not have access to this language of love because all belief in the physical world is dependent on fragmented love for its reality, therefore it is impossible for the whole purpose of Love to be understood by individual belief or collective fragmented belief in this physical world.

Please know that the universal intelligence that governs this universe understands that without whole Love understanding, the Earth will not survive. Faulty, or partial understanding will not protect the future of the Earth. Because the Earth and its inhabitants are one, the Love that is needed to evolve both are being universally provided.

The re-education of physical world consciousness is a global plan and although individuals will be used to support the implementation of the plan, the interpretation must come from a universal source. This is because the universe has the ability to see the whole picture without external interruption.

Because words are the source of physical language, the purpose of words will shift to take on a new understanding in physical world consciousness. As the individual and physical world belief system advances towards a new understanding without fear, the Earth will begin to reflect this new understanding.

Old patterns of belief will be broken apart, and will begin to shift and merge together to form a whole purpose. This purpose will reflect a whole interpretation of Love. This will give new purpose for communication, as well as a new world and individual value system for it.

Please remember it is not difficult, and it does not take a lot of skill. What it does take is a desire to move beyond what is old to grasp something new. This is what is called dimensional learning. Because the mind is multi dimensional, it is entirely possible to learn and communicate at a Universal level.

This is an exciting time as the ability to communicate at a Universal level provides many opportunities for humanity. Individuals who wish to open their heart and learn how to communicate at a new dimension are being offered the opportunity at this time. If you are willing to take the first step, the whole Universe will bend to give you the support that is needed to overcome any obstacle.

This opportunity is the first of its kind. Never before has physical world consciousness been invited to become a part of evolving the Earth. You will be delighted and excited to learn just how much you already understand when you open your heart and awaken to the truth of who you are.

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